Modular shelves
Modular shelves

Modular shelves

Having beautiful and functional furniture is what most people want, isn’t it? The shelves are some of the pieces that best fit these classifications, after all, in addition to decorating the environment they can accommodate some objects that would be lost in space.
Although every bookcase has this function, a model has caught my attention. The modular pieces, usually made of iron, are modern and perfect for cooler decorations and even with an industrial footprint.

Photos about Casa Vogue

In this style of furniture, rebars form niches where it is possible to put a little bit of everything: closed cabinets, shelves, niches and even accommodate potted plants. Modular shelves are very versatile and I think that’s what I like most about them.

Photos – Original Decoration, BM Studio and Dezeen

In addition to complementing the decor of the room, the piece is also ideal for offices, studios even serve as room dividers.

Photos – Archdaily and BM studio

The bookcase looks amazing in industrial decorations, but it also complements minimalist environments well. Mixing the wood in these pieces is a way to make the furniture more cozy and the mix of textures can make everything even more interesting.
Did you also like the aesthetics and functionality of this bookcase? Tell us in the comments!

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