Molecules against colds, coughs & Co., breakthroughs against colds? Researcher makes promising discovery

Molecules against colds, coughs & Co., breakthroughs against colds?  Researcher makes promising discovery

Will you soon say goodbye to your cold? A researcher has declared war on the cold virus and made a groundbreaking discovery in the process. The IMP-1088 molecule could be the salvation for all cold sufferers.

The forehead is hot, the nose is running, the limbs are sore. Almost everyone knows the unpleasant symptoms that a cold brings with it. Biologist Dr. Aurelie Mousnier (40) knows how a virus paralyzes the body within a short time. In her laboratory at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, she has been researching for six years how to put an end to these viruses. Together with her colleagues from Imperial College London, the Frenchwoman has now developed an artificial molecule that can completely stop the virus from replicating, as reported by “”. It’s named IMP-1088 and could be a breakthrough in cold research.

Flu vaccination.jpg

Medical bottleneck
Doctors recommend flu vaccination, but is the vaccine scarce in some regions?

With the colder season comes the next wave of flu. Experts advise getting vaccinated against influenza – but there seem to be problems with the availability of the vaccine.

This is how IMP-1088 works

While previous cold remedies only fight the symptoms, the IMP-1088 molecule in the virus works directly in the human cell without damaging it. This blocks a protein in the human cells that the cold pathogen needs to spread. “Just six hours after the treatment, the number of viruses is greatly reduced,” said the French proudly to “”. She got the idea to develop the molecule after reading old studies on polio. This is triggered by poliviruses, which are related to the rhinoviruses. Rhinoviruses, on the other hand, are considered to be the main pathogen in colds.

Nose blocked, runny nose, swollen nasal mucosa

Unilateral rhinitis
That is why only one side of the nose is ever blocked

A stuffy nose can be quite annoying. Sometimes the left nostril is closed, sometimes the right. But why is only one side blocked and how do you get your nose free again?

Will a nasal spray come to the rescue soon?

So far, the effect of the molecule has only been tested in the laboratory. So we have to wait a little longer until the cold free time comes. “It could be another ten years before the molecule in a drug comes onto the market,” says the basic researcher. You have guessed that a nasal spray would be the ideal form of application as the infection starts in the nose and throat. Until then, Mousnier is still researching other proteins that are used by the viruses to spread.

For us it continues to mean: sleep enough, eat healthily and wash hands regularly in order to avoid a cold as a preventative measure.

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