Momofuku Milk Bar: Delicinhas in New York

Momofuku Milk Bar: Delicinhas in New York


Anyone who watched New York’s vlogs has already seen how much I loved this place! Momofuku Milk Bar is a super famous NY confectionery (it has 6 units scattered around the city) and full of wonderful fats!


The best of all is this ice cream with cereal. It really is an ice cream breakfast !! I made a video inspired by this delight that I loved so much (look here).



The environment is also beautiful, very modern! The brick walls are super cozy and the tables provide the perfect atmosphere for a breakfast or a snack in the late afternoon. The shelves and the kitchen are metallic, made of stainless steel. The mix of these two styles is incredible, a more industrial footprint!




In addition, they sell several other delicacies: cookies, cakes, pies … Books are another strong point of confectionery, there are several editions – one of them was even in the house where we stayed there in Williamsburg.




Anyone going to NY or Toronto (yes, they opened a unit in Canada) has to go to see this place and be delighted!

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