Moppel-Gene study proves: Genes have no influence on weight loss

Moppel-Gene study proves: Genes have no influence on weight loss

One less excuse: A US study found that genetics aren’t to blame if people don’t lose weight. On the contrary: if you tend to be overweight, diets are particularly effective.

It’s finally bikini time again! If you haven’t worked on your bikini figure before, you should start now. But many cannot withstand the diet pressure and quickly fall back into the yo-yo effect. The more you are overweight, the greater the problems with losing weight seem.

Genetically determined obesity

It has long been known that certain genes favor obesity. It is said that children of chubby parents themselves tend to be overweight. It’s a tempting excuse: “I’m just chubby because my genes predetermined it for me – there’s nothing you can do about it!” But whether this assumption is true, researchers at Tulane University in New Orleans asked themselves and got to the bottom of it with a large-scale study.

Research director Tiange Wang and his colleagues evaluated data from more than 14,000 participants in two large US long-term studies. Using blood samples, they first determined the number of risk gene variants and then checked the diet, body mass index and body weight of the test subjects every four years.

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The genes do not prevent you from losing weight!

The study concludes that genetics do not have a significant impact on whether or not a person loses weight on diet. As reported by Focus Online, the results showed that People with many “pug genes” lose weight at least as successfully when they diet like the test persons without these genes.

Even the opposite was observed: the more risk genes the test subjects possessed, the more their obesity fell after the change in diet. A diet with lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grain products was particularly beneficial.

There are no “moppel genes”

“Our results show that Not only can a healthier diet counterbalance the genetic tendency to be overweight – it also seems to work better in these people“Commented Wang and his colleagues on the results of their study. What biological mechanisms are behind the fact that genes lead to obesity and also help with weight loss remains unclear.

One thing is clear, however: the excuse that we do not lose weight because we have “pug genes” can unfortunately now be dismissed.

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