More Charm for the Walls

More Charm for the Walls

They say that the details make the difference in the decoration and who am I to deny it? I would say that the choices of coverings and color palettes define the style of the decor, but you cannot forget the importance of decorative objects and finishes.
Boiseries can be the details that were missing on your walls and, even if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you certainly have seen many around. Despite the pompous name, boiseries are nothing more than “frames” on the walls. They appeared in France in the 18th century, right at that time when ornaments were always very welcome, you know?

More Charm for the Walls

Photo: Google via Pinterest

In the past, frames were made of wood, but today you can also find versions in plaster and even cement. It is impossible to deny that the pieces bring more welcome and personality to a smooth and apparently dull wall, right?
Incredible as it may seem, this is a great solution for those who have a more minimalist style in decoration, but do not give up the warmth. They are discrete details, after all, they don’t need to be colored or textured ?

More Charm for the Walls

Photos: Home Stories and Yellow Trace

The pieces are also great for “dividing” environments. An entrance hall with hooks, an office wall with several pictures, a sectored room … Because they are frames, the boiseries give that feeling of organization in the environment – something that, like an authentic Virginian, I love!

Now, if you found this to be a very basic and very classic solution it is because you did not see references in different colors and even formats. In these cases they function as supermodern elements in the decoration!

Did you see how there is a world of possibilities to bring more life to a dull wall ?!

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