More chicken Fitter heart, lean body: the Pollotarian diet kicks our pounds off

More chicken Fitter heart, lean body: the Pollotarian diet kicks our pounds off

Excuse me, another new food trend? Pesctarians and flexitarians, LAKTO vegetarians and OVO vegetarians and now pollotarians as well? Don’t give up immediately! A diet plan that does not eat meat, with the exception of poultry, is healthy, can help you lose weight, and also promote rapid weight loss and thus shed the pounds.

It sounds a bit like the light version of vegetarianism. In the so-called pollotarian diet, meat itself is also frowned upon. But there is one exception: poultry. Even if the name only suggests chicken – Pollo – these “half-vegetarians” are not that strict. Everything that has wings and is usually eaten in our part of the world is allowed on the plate. So ducks and geese are also allowed, as are probably turkeys, quails, pigeons and partridges. Besides the vegetables, the focus is clearly on the chicken. Red meat – including beef, lamb and pork – is taboo.

Here you get an overview of popular diets.

Woman measures waist circumference

An overview of losing weight
What’s the best diet for me?

I’m on a diet, the pounds have to be dropped! Whether it is the resolution for the New Year or simply the desire for the summer dream figure … There are as many reasons for fasting as diets themselves. Marians Welt has put the most popular diets to the test.

The menu of a pollotarian diet

Like the “normal” vegetarians, pollotarians – besides poultry – do not generally do without animal products. Eggs and dairy products such as quark, cheese or yogurt are part of their diet. Nevertheless, plant foods are the undisputed focus. Great importance is attached to whole grain products, to brown rice or red rice, to nuts and seeds. Healthy fats – if possible with polyunsaturated fatty acids such as in linseed oil, walnut oil, safflower oil or sunflower oil – characterize the daily menu alongside lots of regional vegetables and fruits.

Exceptions to the rule

Strictly speaking, vegetarians do not eat meat or fish. On the other hand, those who enjoy fish but skip beef, pork, lamb and poultry are called pescetarians. Accordingly, one speaks of a pollotarian who occasionally eats fish and seafood as a pesce pollotarian. By the way, anyone who – perhaps for the sake of the environment or as a statement against unworthy factory farming – has very seldom meat on their plate can call themselves a flexitarian.

Vivienne Westwood leaves no doubt about her attitude.


Vivienne Westwood
A plea for a vegetarian diet

For Peta, Vivienne Westwood took a shower with a plastic hood: on World Water Day, the fashion designer pleaded for a vegetarian diet to protect the environment.

Health Benefits of the Pollotarian Diet I: The Heart

The Pollotarian Diet is a pleasant, relaxed diet that doesn’t really follow a set of rules. Due to the very different interpretations of the trailers, it is also difficult to record the health benefits in bare numbers.

The decisive point is the consistent avoidance of red meat and the products made from it, which eliminates the known health risks of these foods. As many studies have shown, frequent consumption of red meat increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and even heart attacks. In contrast, population-based studies show that the consumption of poultry meat tends to reduce this risk. For example, in a 2010 survey by the National Institutes of Health, more than 84,000 healthy women between the ages of 30 and 55 were substituted for one serving of red meat with chicken. As a result, the risk of heart disease decreased by 19 percent.

The many plant-based components of the diet also increase the antioxidants and fiber, which have a positive effect on blood lipids and thus on heart health.

Health Benefits of the Pollotarian Diet II: Cancers and Diabetes

Again, the health gain lies in not eating red meat, which, according to reliable studies, increases the risk of colon cancer in contrast to poultry. As early as 2011, an observational study by the National Institutes of Health on almost half a million adults showed that reducing the amount of red meat compared to poultry reduces the risk of developing various types of cancer by up to a fifth.

The research also yielded very similar results with regard to type 2 diabetes, with more than 50,000 adults over 15 years being followed in a Danish study.

A sufficient intake of protein is particularly important in an (almost) meat-free diet.

Sources of protein for vegetarians

Healthy eating
These are the best sources of protein for vegetarians

Do you want to forego meat and fish? Not an issue, because we will tell you how you can easily cover your protein requirements with steak & Co. So much can be revealed in advance: It will be delicious!

Lose Weight With The Pollotarian Diet

What is good for your health can also help your slim figure. Poultry meat is usually lower in calories and fat than other meats. This is noticeable on the scales. Nevertheless, you will get enough protein with this diet – food cravings shouldn’t be an issue. And if you are full longer, it is easier to reduce the daily amount of calories – for the sake of your waist.

To avoid misunderstandings: Basically, the Pollotarian diet clearly focuses on the vegetarian, plant-based side of the diet. Poultry meat is taken as a supplement – in individually different quantities.

In 2013 the operators presented a study for their blog “Vegetarian-Vegan-Lifestyle”. which shows that people who are vegetarian or vegan have a lower body mass index than the general population. For women the value was 22.1 compared to 22.7 – for men it was even 22.9 compared to 24.3. 3,000 participants between the ages of 21 and 30 were surveyed.

Is that a reason to become a vegetarian?

Vegetables are not only fun, they also make you slim faster.

Turbo diet
Vegetarians lose weight faster than meat eaters

Pineapple Diet or FDH? A study shows: If you want to lose weight quickly, you should simply forego schnitzel and steak.

Possible disadvantages?

As with any vegetarian diet, it makes sense for pollotarians to pay attention to a menu that is tasty and varied, but also contains the necessary minerals, fats and trace elements in order to rule out deficiencies from the outset. It is therefore worthwhile to keep an eye on substances such as iron and zinc, but also calcium, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. If you are unsure, you can get advice from a health food store or pharmacy, for example, and possibly use a nutritional supplement.

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