More complex brain structures Proven: women need more sleep than men

More complex brain structures Proven: women need more sleep than men

Sleep is essential for everyone, as is food and the air we breathe. But women need more sleep than men.

Sleep is vital for physical health and emotional wellbeing. But many women, especially mothers with young children who also have to survive at work, don’t get enough of it. They actually need more than (their) men.

S.sleeping problems? These six foods will help you sleep

Trouble sleeping?  These six foods will help you sleep

Small children in particular are a burden to sleep

For mothers with small children, it is often a feat to get enough sleep at least now and then. If the baby wakes up again in the middle of the night, it is often the woman who rocks the little one back to sleep. But that is just one example among many. Lack of sleep is especially common in the first few years of life of children a common problem among mothers. A lack of sleep also has more serious consequences for women than for men – because they naturally need more of it. At least this is the conclusion of the British sleep researcher Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University, after a study. He justifies this with the different brain structures of the sexes.

If the child sleeps better, you sleep better yourself. Here are a few tips from the sleeper coach.

Baby sleep


Exclusive tips from the sofa bed
This is what really matters in making your child sleep better

Stressful days, restless nights: it is this combination that troubles us parents. But we can at least provide for quieter nights. How? Marians Welt asked a sleep expert – and she was even able to refute the myth of supposedly poor baby sleep.

D.he need for sleep is individual

W.How much sleep we need is very individual. According to Professor Horne, the average adult needs zmop up six to eight hours a night. It is important that sleep is undisturbed during the night. But that is precisely what is not guaranteed in many cases – be it through the children or the bedfellow next door.

According to a US study reported by “”, the female sleep phases are often not as deep as those of men anyway. Women are more easily disturbed in their sleep – for example by the crying child.

Women are more affected by lack of sleep

Chronic lack of sleep can also have chronic consequences. According to the sleep researchers, the hormonal balance in particular is falling apart. The production of the messenger substance melatonin decreases, but the stress hormone cortisone is increased. According to the researchers typical consequences such as reduced memory performance and lack of concentration or slower reaction times, which can have fatal effects in road traffic, for example.

But there are also serious physical risks. The performance of the immune system declines, the risks of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes increase, as well as those of mental disorders. This affects men and women, but women even more.

A few very simple tricks can help against insomnia.

sleep disorders


sleep disorders
Sleep better – that’s how it works!

At night, body and mind relax and we regain strength. But every fourth German finds it difficult to rest. Marians Welt gives tips so that this can finally change.

F.rough ones need about 20 minutes more sleep than men

PIn his study, Professor Horne comes to the conclusion that women need about 20 minutes more sleep on average than men. He sees the reason for this in the different brain structures. The halves of the brain of women are demonstrably more densely networked. Above all, this has an evolutionary , because Women had to develop multi-tasking skills from ancient times. It was their job to look after the children, to take care of the “household” and the social harmony of the To regulate clan – today there is often also the burden of work.

According to Horne, social and logistical skills are more pronounced in women, which is associated with a more complex brain structure. That’s why the female brain needs a little more time to sleep to regenerate sufficiently. Nowadays, however, precisely this aspect is increasingly neglected! A first step in the right direction would therefore be to distribute childcare tasks more evenly among the partners, for example.

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