Moscow’s best cafes and patisseries

Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Traveling to a different country and trying a local sweet has become a custom for me. You must imagine how much I love to taste different types of desserts, right? I always end up discovering new combinations and techniques that help me develop my work more and you know that I love trying to reproduce in my own way the best sweets that I discover on trips.
As one of our next destinations will be Moscow, I am already making several lists with places I want to visit and of course there is no shortage of cafes and pastry shops on the route. I found several nice places to spend the afternoon and I will share with you what were my favorites!


Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Photo: @kalabasa

Kalabasa sweets are one of those that we feel sorry for, you know? All cakes and pastries in the confectionery are very well decorated. Some have a more daring style than others, but each with its own beauty. The desserts are also delicious and they even offer vegan options.
Some of the most requested sweets there are cakes, macarons, cheesecakes and the classic pavlova. In the case of macarons, they sell flavors of almost anything you can imagine. One of my favorites is salted caramel! If you want to get an idea of ​​how well everything is done and beautiful, take a look at the store’s instagram.


Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Photo: Disclosure

Schastye is the Russian word for happiness and with that the place already gives an idea of ​​how it wants customers to feel there. The cafe has, in addition to incredible pies, cookies and cakes, a seasonal menu all based on traditional Russian ingredients. Ah, the decor is also cute – neutral tones, white brick wall and light wood furniture.
As the place works with a cafe, they also serve great savory options. A great example is the croissant stuffed with egg, salmon and avocado. It is a good option for those who want to have brunch or dine on something lighter ?

Pushkin Café

Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Photo: Disclosure

Café Pushkin is one of the most traditional spots in the city, not only for the confectionery but also for the restaurants on the three floors that make up this incredible place. I already told you about this place in the post of best restaurants, but I couldn’t leave it out of the list about pastry shops and cafes.
One part of Café Pushkin is totally dedicated to selling desserts, one more delicious than the other. In addition to being tasty, you feel like you are in a period film because of the decoration of the environment. Don’t let at least stop by!

Double B coffee and tea

Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Photo: @fauecn

Double B owner Anna Tsfasman, from the beginning, aimed to become a reference for having high quality coffees and innovative flavors. Your idea worked so well that today you can find Double B all over Europe. This success is not for nothing. They always look for the best coffee farmers and speak directly to them, so the product is always fresh.
In terms of flavor, they sell different types of beans and make incredible combinations. One of the favorites among customers is the espresso with hazelnut cream. It is the type of drink that you drink little by little to get a better taste and feel for each ingredient.

The coffee

Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Photo: @ caxap.bakery

LES is a super cozy cafe with great options on the menu. The atmosphere is very relaxed, more or less in the same style as Schastye! They sell fresh salads, tortillas and also great desserts, like brownie.
One of the differentials of the place is that they roast the coffee bean in the store, something that makes the drink even more delicious. Ah, the good thing is that they have 7 units scattered around the city, so you can see which one is closest to you. If you want to know all the addresses just click here.

Coffee Table

Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Photo: @tablecafemoscow

Anyone who enjoys places more hipsters and without so much movement can not fail to go to Table Café. The decor is very minimalist and full of pendants that make the place even more charming. It is the ideal corner for those who want to enjoy a beautiful brunch.
They serve delicious toast options with different types of fillings and side dishes. Despite being more frequented at lunchtime, the place is open until 22:00 and is a good option for those who want to have a coffee in the afternoon.

Upside Down Cake Company Moscow

Moscow's best cafes and patisseries

Photo: @udc_moscow

Combining a café with a pastry shop, Upside Down Cake Co has been successful in Moscow. The coffee is made with fresh grains and the sweets are delicious and very neat. The place is complete, after all, they sell everything from a pasta dish for lunch to desserts and bakery products.
Ah, the variety of desserts is huge too. There are more than 15 types of cakes and cupcakes, including the authentic house cake. The Signature Upside Down Cake is made with oreo, cream cheese, red fruit meringue and whipped cream. Impossible to be bad, right?
I was in love with all these patisseries and cafes! And you, what did you think? For those who want to know more about the city, I have made several posts here on the site ?

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