Moscow's Best Ice Cream and Chocolates
Moscows best ice cream and chocolates

Moscow’s Best Ice Cream and Chocolates

Is there a better way to start the day in peace and just leave the hotel to enjoy lunch in a super cozy place? I think not! The one chosen for that day of travel in Moscow was the Didi, on Tverskoy Boulevard. The restaurant specializes in Georgian food and I must say that it is an almost mandatory stop in the city.
The starters we ordered were more light: I went to vegetable salad from Baku (a region of Azerbaijan) with poached egg that was very well seasoned and Paulo at Sorel soup which had a little more vinegar than he imagined, but smetana made everything more balanced and delicious.
The main dishes were also amazing! The famous Khachapuri super cute stuffed with cheese and egg was wonderful and, as a little dough, we still ordered a lighter version filled with suluguni cheese which is very famous, tasty, acid to the extent.

Now, the highlight was on account of grilled eggplant with smetana and tomatoes. I swear it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life. Be sure to ask, okay?
Paulo also loved the Churchkhela, which is nothing more than a typical Georgia sweet made with nuts, hazelnuts and flour covered with grape juice. The candy is served after several layers of juice have dried and are in a very unusual long shape.
Well, from there we stopped by the hotel and went to find the Eugenio 🙂 who is a super-sympathetic Russian who really has everything to do with the Brazilian war name ? He and several other Russians meet to play and sing samba – yes, they are much more Brazilian than myself, haha!
As we were in Moscow, we couldn’t miss one of the most amazing tourist spots in the city: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Unfortunately, we were unable to see the entire cathedral from the inside because it was closed, but the 360 ​​° view of the city is beautiful! To climb the terraces you have to pay 350 rubles per person and be willing to climb many steps. For those who do not have access to any roof in the city, this tour is worth it!

The penultimate stopping point of the day was Red October. The complex with art galleries, cafes, trendy restaurants (go to Mizandari) and shops, was once a chocolate factory. Anyone who enjoys places with a more hipster footprint certainly has to pass this point in the city in Moscow! Aah, and come walking from the Cathedral at sunset, I swear you will not regret it!

Of course, because it is an old factory, there are still several chocolate shops there. Paulo and I couldn’t resist and we had the party in the most traditional store, “Alenka“. Whoever is in Russia will get tired of seeing this little baby printed in chocolates, after all, it is a Soviet classic that continues with all the tradition!
Obviously, we took the opportunity to try 2 ice cream. The most classic of them is a milk with a very soft “cone”, but I still loved it – not to mention the cuteness of the format ?

We ended the day eating, of course. We went to Bistro Matrioska and we started with an unusual entry: a watermelon pickles. It was definitely not sweet, but I found it interesting, I swear. The restaurant specializes in Russian food with a modern twist, that is, all preparations are based on traditional cuisine, but all dishes use newer techniques and flavors. I loved it, even though the place is more expensive than most that we visited in the city.
Aah, and if you want to know more details about that day of travel, be sure to watch the complete vlog down here ? More episodes of Moscow and our complete script are already here on the site!

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