Moscow’s best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Moscow's best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Those who are vegetarian are tired of knowing how difficult it is to find good places to eat. Not every restaurant offers options that go beyond a simple salad or risotto, so I always like to look for places that have a meatless menu.
Moscow, one of our next destinations, has no refined completely vegetarian restaurant. However, the good news is that there you will find more relaxed places with incredible vegetarian and vegan menus. Even though they are not five-star restaurants, they are great options for those who don’t eat meat ?


Moscow's best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Photo: @freshrestaurant

With super creative and varied dishes, the Fresh restaurant is one of the best known vegetarian places in the city. Their type of cuisine is modern and innovative, with dishes that include eggplant bacon and persimmon barbecue. Ah, the place is also cute, with several little plants hanging on the wall.
Some of the most requested dishes there are wraps, quesadillas and hamburgers. Everything you find on the menu is vegetarian or vegan, that is, perfect for those who don’t want to waste a lot of time in search of a good meatless meal!

Vegetable fruits

Moscow's best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Photo: @fruitsvegescafe

Another great option for a very healthy and refreshing meal is the Fruits & Veges coffee. Locals love the vegetarian falafel and pilaf, which are very tasty and well prepared. To accompany the dishes, also ask for one of the natural juices or smoothies.
The place itself is very hipster and may seem strange from the outside, but the café’s proposal is to really have a more rustic atmosphere. It is super nice to spend the afternoon or have lunch, mainly because of the plants around the outdoor tables. Those who enjoy different places will love getting to know Fruits & Veges.

Gorod sad

Moscow's best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Photo: @gorodsad

In addition to being a great coffee, at Gorod Sad you can also buy things to go. Although they still sell some meat dishes, most of the menu options are vegetarian or vegan. All dishes have a healthier proposition and they offer from breakfast to lunch and dinner.
If you want to have a very light and tasty meal, be sure to stop by. A good choice is tofu and olives ratatouille or zucchini spaghetti with tomato, cucumber, pepper and basil.


Moscow's best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Photo: @barovikova

Avocado is also a very famous restaurant among vegetarians and vegans in the city and has two units in the capital. If you want to try a traditional Russian dish, they sell the classic borsch and pelmeni soup. Each dish has a distinctive touch that gives an extra taste to the preparation – the soup, for example, takes mushrooms and prunes.
The Chistoprudny Blvd unit has a more charming decor, but the two restaurants have the same menu ?


Moscow's best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Photo: @groot_cafelab

Thinking of a functional and healthy cuisine, Groot offers quick and delicious meals for vegetarians and vegans. The decor of the cafe is cute, with several b & w designs on the walls and contrasting colored chairs.
One of the things I like most about this place is that their menu is all detailed with information that we usually don’t worry about much before eating. In it you will find information about calories, ingredients and what they offer to your body. For example, if they help with muscle strength or such a product provides some good additive for the brain. Very interesting, right? If you want to take a look at the menu just click here.

Flavor and Color

Moscow's best vegetarian restaurants and cafés

Photo: Organic Guide

Вкус & Цвет is perfect for anyone who loves pasta, hummus and artisan breads. These three things are always among the most sold in coffee and everything there is vegetarian or vegan. Regarding pasta, for example, they usually use zucchini in lasagna and pasta. Everything is delicious and healthier.
Ah, it’s nice to know that Вкус & Цвет is not just coffee. They also have a space dedicated to events, another for the practice of yoga and also an online market full of organic products, including cosmetics!
As I understand it, the city’s vegetarian restaurants follow a very natural and fresh line, you know? As I love this type of food, I am sure that I will enjoy getting to know each one of these places there. If you also want to know the best restaurants in Moscow in general, just read the post here on the website that even gives tips on some places with vegetarian options on the menu ?

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