Mother’s Day Enjoy Mother’s Day despite detox

Mother's Day Enjoy Mother's Day despite detox

Pure enjoyment despite the detox program: We have put together a few tips for you on how it works on Mother’s Day.

Detox is a fabulous way to lose excess weight in harmony with the body and, to put it bluntly, “clean up” it. Spring in particular is perfect for this, as our body longs to get rid of toxins after the long winter slump and you can flush them out more easily.

Therefore: Spring time is detox time! But, the spring time is also characterized by sweet, enjoyable holidays. Especially on Mother’s Day you want to be pampered, body and soul. Is that even possible? We say yes! This is possible if you only pay attention to a few things.


Have a drink as soon as you get up large glass of non-carbonated water. You can add lemon or ginger to it and use it to really boost your metabolism. Before breakfast, the following applies: Fill up with oxygen! Take a walk around the block or take breakfast on the balcony in the sun. Mix one up with it Power smoothie or drink freshly squeezed juices. And the most important thing: Enjoy a detox muesli with chia seeds (from the health food store), 4-grain flakes and fruits!

Desserts and pastries

Because when you detox on animal products, especially Avoid meat and dairy products as well as wheat a decent dessert or even a cake seems next to impossible. Better to use aromatic ones Nut or grain milk, such as almond, hazelnut or rice drink. Just lens briefly in the direction of the vegan, gluten-free or Paleo-Backens. (Incidentally, the paleo diet is based on the Paleolithic, the Paleolithic, and therefore mostly does without flour and sugar.) From cookies, brownies to pralines to baked pears, everything is possible. The simple rule here is: don’t despair, ask Google! On the Internet you will find numerous notes and recipes that make Detox a pleasure.

Meals with the pleasure factor

Detoxing means cooking yourself, but under no circumstances do without good meals. On the contrary, because spring in particular rewards us with a lot seasonal vegetables and fruits. Fresh, crunchy salads with fine oil and nuts, warm vegetables or heavenly soups, raw food sticks with fine dressings made from avocado and lemon – you see Detox doesn’t make your meals any less varied. How about, for example, steamed zucchini halves filled with millet? Or do you make yourself a fine vegetable soup à la minestrone in the evening? As you can see, detox and pure enjoyment are not mutually exclusive.

Do not let yourself be unsettled anymore and dare the Detox experiment. Your body will thank you! After just a few days you will feel fresher, healthier, fitter and, above all, lighter. And if you take the listed notes and tips to heart, then Detox shouldn’t stand in the way of enjoyment on Mother’s Day! Pamper yourself twice!

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