Mountains and Waterfalls in Gunibsky | Dagestan

Mountains and Waterfalls in Gunibsky |  Dagestan

After a very strange night in a house / hotel with pots under the bed, our first day in Gunib started with a hearty breakfast. The day was dedicated to tours of this region in the Caucasus, which hardly receives foreign tourists. As I said in this post, if you intend to visit the Republic of Dagestan, a local guide is essential, right?
Anyway, after a breakfast that looked like lunch, we went to know a little of this super-hot mountain town. The place even has a sanatorium, after all, it is one of the most recommended regions for those who have asthma because the air is very pure! We were lucky that the day was wide open with a nice little sun, you know?
Mountains and Waterfalls in Gunibsky | Dagestan
From there we went on one of the coolest tours we did in the area! We went to know the SalTinskiy Vodopad which is a waterfall that is very close to Gunib. The walk there needs to be done on foot and barefoot because the walk to the waterfall in the middle of the rock is in the water! It’s really not that easy and I don’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have much conditioning or balance, haha ​​?
Despite the very cold water, the look inside is super worth it. Paulo and I were delighted the whole way!
Mountains and Waterfalls in Gunibsky | Dagestan
Of course, after so much walking, we went to eat. The gentleman who accompanied us at the waterfall took us to his house and there his wife prepared a delicious and whole lunch made by her. When I say everything, it is everything: she takes the milk from the cow, makes homemade cheese, prepares sausage, makes the dough … She doesn’t use anything industrialized, it’s impressive! I still learned how to make delicious Khinkali with all the traditional techniques!
In the video we still show the whole structure of the house, which is very interesting. In addition to holes in the walls to ventilate all environments, the rugs in the walls to heat the rooms and the two kitchens (one used in the warmer seasons and the other in the harsh winter) caught our attention a lot!
Mountains and Waterfalls in Gunibsky | Dagestan
Our late afternoon and evening was on the road; and can i speak? It was one of the most beautiful paths we have ever taken! The region of Gunibsky it is full of mountains and when we reached the highest part of the road the view was wonderful – even more at sunset! We still had the opportunity to see the oldest (now abandoned) town in the area: Gamsutl ‘!
The ruins in the middle of the mountain are impressive, all the more because they remain standing even though they were built with water and clay. The location is really breathtaking and if you want to see more details just watch the complete vlog down here ?

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