Mouth Taping Better sleep, healthy teeth: why you should tape your mouth shut at night

Mouth Taping Better sleep, healthy teeth: why you should tape your mouth shut at night

Do you have sleep problems and can’t find the cause? It could be because you are breathing through your mouth at night. With mouth taping it finally comes to an end!

The solution for a bad sleep or for snoring sounds very simple and mundane. Tape your mouth shut at night so that you have to breathe through your nose. Because nasal breathing actually leads to several advantages:

  • You wake up much more refreshed

  • High blood pressure is reduced

  • Anxiety and depression are reduced

  • Weight loss is favored

  • Digestion is improved

  • The immune system is strengthened

  • Concentration and memory are improved

  • Attention deficits and hyperactivity are reduced

  • Headaches, migraines and back pain are prevented

Breathe through your nose and sleep well

The nose is a respiratory organ and that is exactly what it should be used for. By breathing through your nose, your organs are better supplied with oxygen and the body can regenerate better. This ultimately results in you sleeping better.

At the same time, nasal breathing prevents germs and pathogens from entering the body. You are thus better protected against diseases.

Chronic mouth breathers, on the other hand, often complain of blocked noses, increased cough, fatigue and many other symptoms.

As can be read on the online health portal “”, researchers in one Study, published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, discovered a possible link between sleeping with your mouth open and broken teeth.

Here you can find out what your sleeping position says about your character!

Woman sleeping

Sleep well
This is what your sleeping position says about your character

Forget about horoscopes, online personality tests and reading palm lines! If you really want to know what makes a person tick, look at what position he sleeps in.

What is mouth taping and how does it work?

With mouth taping, the mouth is taped shut at night. There are special plasters and adhesive strips for this, which are simply stuck over the mouth before going to bed and thus prevent breathing through the mouth.

The patches are specially designed for the mouth, so you don’t have to worry about the skin on your lips tearing off when you remove the patch in the morning.

Sleep better with mouth taping

The best way to find out how much mouth taping works for you is for yourself. While some people find it strange to seal their mouths at night, for others it is the ultimate path to more restful, snore-free sleep and better health.

If, while using the mouth tape, you notice that you regularly leave it at night and wake up in the morning without a tape, the causes of your mouth breathing may be completely different.

With the help of an ENT doctor or an allergy doctor, you can find out if an illness or allergy forces you to breathe through your mouth at night. This may reveal diseases or allergies that you didn’t even know you had.

The problem with mouth breathing can be tackled by the head. In the long run, the beneficiary is yourself, because this way the causes of the wrong breathing can be eliminated.

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