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The feature is one of those afternoon sessions that we can’t live without! ; D If you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful movie for Sunday, this is a great option. With a first-rate cast with Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago) as the protagonist, the small Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Aaron Eckhart (Thanks for Smoking) like Nick.

Catherine is Kate, an kitchen chef full of hands, perfectionist, methodical who lives for his career. After losing her sister in a car accident, the protagonist takes custody of her only niece, Zoe. The chef’s life turns upside down when she encounters a man singing opera in the kitchen of the sophisticated restaurant where she works. The singer is Nick, the chef hired to replace her while the chef adapts to the new daily life with a child living at home.

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Throughout the film, the relationship Nick with Kate it becomes a romance little by little with the colleague creating a friendship with the girl who begins to accompany her aunt to her work and learning the culinary skills. The building of the relationship between the characters begins when the protagonist, forgetting the girl at school, grants her a wish. Then, the girl asks the previously hated kitchenmate to cook in her aunt’s apartment. In this scene we can see how the relationship and building a new family for Zoe can work.

The girl’s learning at school is hindered by the nights at the restaurant with the chef. A school employee alerts Kate saying that if she doesn’t stop taking her to the restaurant, the school will have to notify the juvenile court and the girl could be taken to an orphanage. Zoe stops accompanying her and her aunt realizing the little girl’s sadness takes a few days off from the restaurant. When he returns to work he finds a different environment than the one he left, the owner of the restaurant and customers start to report doubts, suggestions and praise to his replacement. In addition, the owner of the place offers the position of chef to Nick who refuses.

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The woman who was once lonely and isolated now has a loving and family relationship. But he realizes that everything is about to collapse when he finds out that the owner of the establishment has offered his job to his colleague. THE sub-chef receives the offer for executive chef at a restaurant in Chicago. Kate, on learning the truth, comes to her house against her rules and her fear of relationships asking Nick to stay.

In one of the delicious scenes of the film we see the tiramissu from Nick who is breathtaking and makes anyone dare to run to cook and venture out! The work is interesting for those who are curious to see the dynamics inside a refined kitchen. Not to mention, that in some scenes we see wonderful dishes and how the operation of a restaurant is regulated and work entirely as a team.

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The growth of the Zeta-Jones character of an emotionally blocked woman, who does not accept guesses or criticisms for a more open, loving and less ruled person is clear at the end of the work. A delicate and interesting feature for placing a strong, modern woman with a solid career is a full plate for those looking for more complex characters and that make the viewer identify and embark on the script of body, soul and even stomach! ; D Furthermore, the feature film is a remake of a German film called “Simply Martha“.

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The film shows a more mature Catherine Zeta-Jones after her rise in the Chicago film in 2003. To prepare for the role of chef, Zeta-Jones in disguise worked for a day at the restaurant Fiamma Osteria, in New York. And some customers even suspected and mentioned their resemblance to the actress.


No Reservations

Year: 2007

Director: Scott Hicks

Duration: 103 minutes

Cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin, Bob Balaban, Zoe Kravitz and Patricia Clarckson

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