Mr. Brigadeiro – Niterói

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Hello, I miss having to do this sacrificing job of looking for cool places to eat lol. Today I am indicating my exhaust valve before, during and after Lais’ pregnancy. Mr. Brigadeiro’s kiosk, in Itaipu Niterói, for me is without a doubt the best of the best brigadeiros I’ve ever eaten in my life! Impossible to eat only a box with 6 units. Curious as I am, I asked everything, because they are so wonderful that I wanted to discover the secret of these brigadeiros with unique characteristics.


Why different? Well, let’s explain… Working with quality products is essential for a good result and they work with my favorite Belgian chocolate, and the most interesting thing is that they travel to seek directly from the supplier products and flavors that do not sell here in Brazil. So on each visit I had a delicious surprise and explosions of flavors. In addition, the velvety and full-bodied texture of these brigadeiros is incredible, they melt in your mouth as if I were eating pure chocolate and not a traditional brigadeiro, which is also wonderful and we are used to eating. It was from there that I copied the idea of ​​making the gourmet brigadeiro lollipop with three layers of brigadeiro and biscuit, different from the ones seen just stuffed and bathed in chocolate.


Well, brigadeiro itself already offers a range of product possibilities and they know how to take advantage of that, because it goes from brigadeiro to spoon in the pot, cupcakes, brigadeiro tube, pies, cakes to fine sweets. My favorites are the Sinhá Moça stuffed with condensed milk, the cherry and the dulce de leche, but only you are trying to understand what I’m talking about. Well… this is my tip! Hope you like it.


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