Multiple Organ Failure Woman only feeds on chips and crackers – and dies at 32

Multiple Organ Failure Woman only feeds on chips and crackers - and dies at 32

Nutritionists recommend a balanced diet, but Britain’s Charlotte Broad did exactly the opposite: she only ate chips and crackers. She had to pay for that with her life. Charlotte was only 32 years old.

The death of Charlotte Broad († 32) is a tragedy that now also preoccupies the Winchester court. The young woman, who was married with two daughters, ages six and eleven, died of malnutrition. When she got to the hospital way too late, she weighed less than 50 kilograms. The doctors were powerless. The main question that arises is: How did it come to this?

a portion of chips

Unhealthy food
Why fries and chips increase your risk of death

We’ll tell you why you should eliminate chips and chips from your menu and how these unhealthy foods are related to your risk of death.

Charlotte Broad got worse and worse

Charlotte’s partner, Mark Darley, says, according to “”, that as long as he can remember, Charlotte has been eating “chips with cheese or onion flavor, papadams and crackers.” You have never eaten anything else. In addition, she apparently drank liters of soda, which she then vomited. She was doing badly. She was in bed at home weeks before she was admitted to the hospital. In the clinic she refused any food and told the doctors, “I will probably die.”


Morbid eating disorder
Anorexia in men – a taboo subject that affects not only celebrities

When we hear the word anorexia, we mostly think of pictures of super thin girls. But more and more men are also affected by an eating disorder – especially male celebrities.

Nutritional problems started in childhood

Mark Darley says that when he met Charlotte ten years ago, everything was still fine. Her brother does not share this opinion and reports that Charlotte had already suffered from an eating disorder as a child and refused many meals, such as fruit and vegetables. Back then everything revolved around french fries, chicken nuggets and snacks. “I think she should have been forcibly committed because of her state of mind,” he says today and adds: “She obviously wanted to die. But I don’t know why.”

Spice Girls, Mel C

“Spice Girl”
She speaks openly about her eating disorder

When she was only 20, she really got off to a flying start with the “Spice Girls”. From the pressure of being in public she developed an eating disorder.

The suicide question remains unresolved

Forensic scientist Samantha Marsh says today Charlotte was even offered therapy. Her family pushed for it, but she refused. Regarding the question of suicide, she formulates: “She definitely didn’t want to commit suicide, but she had an ambivalent relationship to life itself.” Charlotte had fed her children normally.

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