Multipurpose Carts in Décor

Multipurpose Carts in Décor

Anyone who searches for decoration references on Pinterest, has certainly encountered dozens of times with multipurpose strollers. The most famous model is that of Ikea, called Raskog, and has multiple functions! The piece has three “baskets” on different levels and can be used in the most varied environments in the house: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office…
Although the brand does not have a store in Brazil, yes, there are some models very similar to Raskog for those who want to use the multifunctional cart – at the end of the post I left some options ?


I’m sure a lot of people out there don’t have enough space at home for furniture dedicated exclusively to the bar, right? I myself am one of those people and the solution is to bet on compact carts that fit in different environments!
The same goes for that famous coffee corner (or tea), after all, we don’t always have a big kitchen counter to place the coffee maker, cups, sugar bowl … Furthermore, I think that the carts are much more charming and modern options!


Multipurpose Carts in Décor

Photos: Homey Oh My and Ikea

Who there also has a small kitchen? Although I love mine, I confess that often the utensils are lost in other rooms in the house. For those who also suffer from this same problem, strollers are the ideal extra supports.
The piece can gain a corner of its own and act as a fruit bowl, but it is also a great support option for ingredients and utensils that are widely used in everyday life if your countertop is too small.


There is another environment that always needs more compartments! Trolleys are excellent alternatives to remove all that paperwork from the table and store the most used items in everyday life with more practicality. You know that planner that you pick up every day, but clutter on the counter? Nothing better than leaving it at hand on the first level of the cart!
For those who have a sewing workshop, painting or even a space for DIY, the piece is practically essential. You take it to other rooms with ease when necessary and accommodate those extra materials that always appear scattered around the house ?


Who also lives there accumulating accessories, notebooks, pens, water and even blankets by the bed? Small rooms or few closets are the reality of many people. Of course, using a cart instead of the classic nightstand, you end up gaining more space!


Multipurpose Carts in Décor

Photos: Who is Mocca and Apartment Therapy

Don’t you have a dressing table full of compartments to call your own? Well, strollers are perfect for you! You can leave it in a corner of the room and you will always have your products close at hand when you need them!


Even the bathrooms can gain more practicality and charm with the piece! The cart is for storing extra towels and papers, but it is also an excellent support for cosmetics that invade your entire sink, you know?


There is no shortage of car models and colors out there ? I selected some of my favorites to share with you!
Multipurpose Carts in Décor
1- Flo Tall Cart at Tok & Stok – R $ 675.00
2- Oslo Candy Blue stroller at Etna – R $ 299.90
3- Organizing Cart at Americanas – R $ 399.00
4- Auxiliary Cart with Top at Americanas – R $ 157.40
5- Orange Metal Cart at Casa Mind – R $ 499.00

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