Must-see tours in Taiwan
Must see tours in taiwan

Must-see tours in Taiwan

Taiwan it’s a charming country and quite curious, mainly for the diversity of options of interesting tours and places full of history. In order to get to know the country, it is necessary to prepare a script for several days and prepare to discover a lot of new things.
We’ve already talked about everything you need to know before you travel there and now we’ve decided to delve into some tips of tours that we did for Taipei and we love it!


Must-see tours in Taiwan

Go to Taiwan and not visiting at least one temple religious is practically impossible, since the country has about 15 thousand of them ? Regardless of your beliefs, getting to know one of these traditional temples is to discover the culture and history of Taipei.
We visited the
Dalongdong Baoan, a temple from 1760 that is simply charming. Because of the large amount of Details, the tour takes a long time and you need to take a long time to be able to observe everything. I have to admit to you that I had a really good feeling just being there, it really is a place of peace.


Must-see tours in Taiwan
The night markets are also a success in Taipei. These establishments are open in the afternoon until dawn and have more than 500 stalls, forming a great fair. There you will find everything from curious foods to toys and electronics.
We went on Shilin Market and we really think almost ALL that you can imagine. Particularly, the place reminded me a lot of our traditional June party, mainly due to the number of stalls and games at the fair. It is a great place to visit, get to know the culture, the food and have contact with the Taiwanese, since the market is also very frequented by the residents.


Must-see tours in Taiwan

Photo: Remi Yuan

From almost anywhere in downtown Taipei, you can see at least part of the Taipei 101. This is the third tallest building in the world and has a total of 100 floors!
It is free to visit until the 91° walkhowever, on the day we went, we only managed to climb up to 89° due to the climate of a lot of rain and wind. Anyway, the view is surreal and you can see almost the entire city. We were impressed with the speed of the elevator, we climbed the 89 floors in just 37 seconds ?
Another curiosity is that in the center of the building there is a ball of 680 tons which serves to make a counterweight and keep the building on the axis, mainly due to the occurrence of earthquakes and hurricanes. Despite the incredible technology, the building’s design is inspired by traditional temples and mixes this idea of ​​classic with modern in a wonderful way.


Must-see tours in Taiwan

Photo: Melvina Mak

This neighborhood has everything we imagine pop culture Japanese and is even known for being a shopping district that is successful among young people. You will find all kinds of junk on the boardwalk of Ximending, mainly in galleries and shopping malls.
We went on one of those mini malls and was it like getting to know a Las Vegas teddy bear? It is impossible to resist the temptation to play with machines to catch pets.
And as much as you have this vibration beeem young, the neighborhood still has traditional elements Taiwanese culture, such as knife massage. That ancient technique Chinese is no longer used in many countries and Taiwan is the only place that still exists. If you are there and want to have this wonderful experience, it is worth knowing more about this method.
Comment here which of these places you would like to visit on a trip to Taipei and check our vlogs over there ?

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