My 5 favorite snaps

My 5 favorite snaps

Anyone who accompanies me on snap (daniellenoce) knows how much I love the app !! It’s super fun and, of course, brings our audience a lot closer!
I have my 5 favorite accounts and I decided to tell you, because I’m sure you will love it!

Stephanie Noelle – Snap: cheznoelle

Sté is a darling of life. In addition to a friend, she always tells of her day and several incredible news for those who love beauty, fashion and all this feminine universe. She’s cute and beautiful, I’m sure you will love her snaps!

Layla Monteiro – Snap: laylamonteiro

Layla is also full of fashion tips, incredible hairstyles (also with this platinum hair it is easy, right?), Beauty… Layla is super high spirits and tells everything that happens in the day! I love!

Thassia Naves – Snap: Thassia_Naves

The top blogger is a love! Their snaps are great for getting into the real world of fashion (backstage, events, photo shoots …). In addition, Thassia travels a lot and always has great tips for tours and restaurants! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to travel!

PC Siqueira – Snap: pcentediado


The PC is great, right? In addition to the vlogs, his snap account is incredible. There are kittens, his daily life and many scares at Karol, his girlfriend. Anyone who is a fan, as I am, will love it!

Japa – Snap: Japavlogs

Guys, Japa is the typical hilarious boy! His snaps are great, super funny – anyone who knows the account on the channel already knows what I’m talking about. It is very worthwhile to follow and have a good laugh!

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