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Last week I was invited by a friend of mine, Bruno Freitas, who is taking a cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu, to take a demonstration class as a listener. I don’t know if that happens to you, but whenever I have something new and different to do I get super anxious and the day before I can never sleep properly. It was potato! I stayed all night rolling on the bed and no sleep came. No sheep passing by my head and to make matters worse the clock would not stop and I had to wake up at 6:30 am to go to class. I mean, I was awake already! I think I managed to sleep for an hour, got up, wiped my face and hit the road to Paris.
I took a lot of traffic (this is not only a privilege of São Paulo: /), but I managed to arrive at school at 8: 20h. The class started at 8: 30h. I met Bru, at the entrance, he introduced me to some friends, most of whom were oriental. I found it curious, in a room of 40 students, there were 22 Orientals and they all took the best chairs at the front. Bruno said he can never get to the front row, as they always arrive about 40 minutes before class starts to save space. This is the desire to learn; D

lecordonbleuLe Cordon Bleu Handout

We sit in the penultimate row, as listeners cannot sit in the front. I found it very interesting when I realized that in addition to the chef, who demonstrates the dishes, there was a translator who translated everything into English after the chef spoke, but the most curious thing is that he still gave some hints of him too, such as:
-Chef: “never put the wine at the beginning of cooking the slices or onions, because the acidity of the wine will not let them soften and cook properly.”
-Translator: translates the phrase and adds … “Too bad it’s too late to tell my mom this now”
Surely the guy has a sense of humor and the class was worth it; D

cordon bleu - palourEntrance: Palourdes Gratinées

The demonstration class was very interesting, the chef always prepares a starter, a main course and a dessert. Everyone watches the class sitting down and writing down how to make the recipe, as they receive only the ingredients and quantities that were used in the recipes. I also received my receipts and made the necessary notes; D. After this demonstration class, the students (a total of 40 people in the cooking course), are divided into 4 classes of 10 people and proceed to the practical class where they will each have to make the main dish recipe learned in class theoretical and which will then be evaluated by another chef. I found this dynamic curious, but it is very different from what we do at Lenôtre, where we spend the whole day inside the room working and producing so that the chef explains what should be done, and that same chef accompanies us all the time throughout a week. At Le Cordon Bleu each day can be a different chef.

cordonbleu porcMain course: Médaillons de Porc Charcutiére et Pommes Dauphine

This demonstration class I did today was with Chef Frédéric Lesourd, who unfortunately did not seem to me to be a very dear chef by the students. He seems to be one of those bosses who make countless bad jokes. But Bruno said that most chefs are great, including one that always passes the type of wine that goes with each dish he is making, which is a hand in the wheel; D. In today’s class, the chef made a starter Paloudes Gratinées, a type of mussel au gratin accompanied with mushrooms; a Médaillons de Porc Charcutière et Pommes Dauphine for the main dish, which is a pork medallion with pickle sauce, accompanied by Dauphine potatoes, which is nothing more than a salted pâte a choux, with potatoes that are then fried… everything it was delicious; and for dessert he made a Sabayon aux Fruits Frais Gratinés with Glace Vanille, a very simple dessert (apart from making the ice cream, of course; D) assembled with the fruits in the center of the plate, covered with the sabayon sauce and gratin, then just put the scoop of ice cream on top. I’ll pass the recipe to you later and put it here ?

sabayoncordonbleuDessert: Sabayon aux Fruit Frais Gratinés with Glace Vanille (click here for the recipe)

All dishes were served in micro-portions for everyone to try and were also mounted on large plates for everyone to take pictures. The class ended at 11: 30h, of course I couldn’t do the practical class, but I thought the demonstration class was great.

petiscocordonbleu6Micro-portions to try! ; D

It was a great experience, and if you are interested in cooking and are going to spend your holidays in Paris I think it is worth checking out a visit to Le Cordon Bleu and attending a class! #ficaadica; D
Le Cordon Bleu Paris is at 8, rue Léon Delhomme.

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