My day at Le Chef Gatô – São Paulo

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This post started with a cake, a brigadeiro cake. The best brigadeiro cake you can imagine, that made my sister introduce me to Le Chef Gatô!
Brigadier cake is always good, but this is probably the best recipe I’ve ever tasted, the kind of thing that I couldn’t hide from you at all! The simple combination of a very light cocoa mass and Belgian brigadeiro filling, which has been sighing me until now, hehe. And the store is a cuteness aside, with a window to shine your eyes on an ultra charming street in Paradise.
gato1 For those who prefer, they also offer the cookie in the 100% cocoa version with coconut filling (perfect!) and in many other delicious combinations, which share space in the store with honey breads, brigadeiros, verrines and popcakes (I ate everything and loved it!).
gato5 There is also an excellent place to have a coffee in the afternoon and find gifts, since all the delights come in super cute packaging. A place worth visiting, really. I fell in love!
gato4 Le Chef Gatô is on the street Colonel Oscar Porto, 517.

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