My favorite body moisturizers

My favorite body moisturizers

Moisturizing lotions always catch my eye. Whether by the delicious smell, light texture or the powerful moisturizing and firmness action, these creams make a real miracle on our skin.
I like to vary the moisturizer always. Some more intense, others very light, some with, others without fragrance … There are several with sun protection or even some sparkles (ideas for a party at night, for example). The mixtures of soothing oils, milk and almonds are my favorites!
I selected my 5 products for you to try now!

  1. Hug Me Hydrating Lotion Bouquet of Iris and Jasmin Products (300ml) | The Beauty Box (R $ 34.90)
  2. Cream of Dreams (240g) | Exuberant (R $ 99.40)
  3. Nivea Milk (200ml) | Nivea (R $ 12.00)
  4. Almond Firming Hydrating Milk (200ml) | L’Occitane (R $ 246.00)
  5. Body Cream Firming Nourishing Cream (200ml) | Shiseido (R $ 345.00)

How do you choose yours?

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