My favorite body moisturizers
My favorite body moisturizers

My favorite body moisturizers

Moisturizing lotions always catch my eye. Whether by the delicious smell, light texture or the powerful moisturizing and firmness action, these creams make a real miracle on our skin.
I like to vary the moisturizer always. Some more intense, others very light, some with, others without fragrance … There are several with sun protection or even some sparkles (ideas for a party at night, for example). The mixtures of soothing oils, milk and almonds are my favorites!
I selected my 5 products for you to try now!

  1. Hug Me Hydrating Lotion Bouquet of Iris and Jasmin Products (300ml) | The Beauty Box (R $ 34.90)
  2. Cream of Dreams (240g) | Exuberant (R $ 99.40)
  3. Nivea Milk (200ml) | Nivea (R $ 12.00)
  4. Almond Firming Hydrating Milk (200ml) | L’Occitane (R $ 246.00)
  5. Body Cream Firming Nourishing Cream (200ml) | Shiseido (R $ 345.00)

How do you choose yours?

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