My favorite sneakers

My favorite sneakers

Anyone who accompanies me here already knows my passion for tennis! I am that type of person who puts comfort above everything, but of course I know that there are thousands of beautiful models!
I separated the models I most like to use to show:

Slip on


Photo 2 – Shopping Cidade do Porto

I think this is my darling of the moment. Practical and cool, I really like the smoother models for more basic productions! The taller, white sole is a charm and I think everyone looks good with these sneakers. What I used in the first photo is in this post here!



Photo 2 – Viva Luxury

I’m in love with my Adidas model (I used it in Paris: here and here). In addition to being ultra comfortable, this sportier style is super hot! You can use it in very casual looks or mix it with more noble pieces and create a very interesting contrast!



Photo 2 – Teen Vogue

Neutrals are those that can be used in any production! Dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, overalls, bibs… Everything you want! The most neutral colors are essential for those who do not have many pairs at home. Don’t stick to black and white: gray, moss green and pastels are great options!

To kick


Photo 2 – Santa Boutique

You know that basic model that you can use in super casual looks? So, my favorites are undoubtedly Osklen’s models and our beloved All Star. No matter what color, these models have become true classics!



Photo 2 – After Fifteen

Who said that sneakers don’t match women’s looks? The prints are great ways to break that sportier face! Flowers, polka dots, stripes, hearts… There are several incredible models to choose from!

For the summer


Photo 2 – Enjoei

Summer calls for cooler shoes, but you don’t need to do away with sneakers in season! The lighter models, with a more natural footprint and that often resemble the style of espadrilles are the best! The look is modern and stylish! I love mine with stripes!

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