My goals for 2015


The first day of the year is the world holiday of laziness. Day you don’t feel like doing anything. Maybe have breakfast in bed, if someone is kind enough to get it for you. Or even give that stretch, turn on the TV and look for a good movie | movies to watch on Netflix.
* This is when you are not the matriarch of a typically macho family and you have to wake up and serve that whole family.
The inner will is that that miraculous day never ends. May it become a dream within a dream and that messy hair, tight embraces, your little feet caressing those of your love will last forever.
But then you fall asleep and the 2nd arrives in full Friday. For many a day at work, for others a continuation of vacation or an extended holiday and for people like me the thought is already starting to run free among all the things that had already been scheduled to be done in the previous year and all others that I haven’t thought about yet and that I want to do in the year that begins.
Of course, most of our goals are: to be happy, to form a family, to have a comfortable life, a good house, a good car, a good job and maybe even a house facing the sea or the mountain. I think that these must be the most general and intrinsic goals of the contemporary world for every human being, making it clear that people prefer a good adventure to any ordinary commitment.
Now, what to do to make these bigger dreams come true? What micro-goals will I have and accomplish this year and after that? Will bigger dreams come?
My father said something to me that I never forgot: “My pet, for you to have a Beetle, dream that you are buying a Jaguar”.
Dreams need to be big and the biggest ones go beyond material values, they go beyond the limits between who you are and who you need to be. Dreaming of a fairer world, more egalitarian communities and maybe even a family that won’t argue at Christmas. It all depends on the point of view and what you want.
Well, for this year some big, medium and small goals have already been set. Unfortunately, not everything is an open book and cannot be shared and I think that in your case it is the same. There are things that we need to expose for them to happen, but there are others that we dig in and eventually they become reality.
For this year I have 5 goals that I want to share with you:
1a | I need to read more books. I’m not talking about gastronomy books, but fiction or others that have nothing to do with food. I want to read at least 3 this year. I know that for those who read daily, 3 books is nothing and it is ridiculous that I set this goal, but for me it will be a great advance if I reach the end of 2015 with it accomplished, because I usually work so hard and I get so tired, that at the end of the day the best i can do is watch a movie or a series and sometimes flip over the first 10 minutes. So, I think it is a reasonable goal to move forward and not be frustrated. Even for me this is fundamental. We set goals for ourselves that are difficult, but not impossible to achieve.
2a | Go out more with my friends. The past year has been very intense and with several changes, new things and achievements. The problem is that my time has become more and more limited and every time I found myself with free time it was too late to ask someone out. This year I want to plan a little more to be able to do this more consistently. And if any of my friends happen to be reading this, please always remember this goal kkkkkk.
3a | Enjoy nature and play sports outdoors. I really enjoy being in contact with nature and living in São Paulo it gets harder every day if you don’t force yourself to go in certain places. So this year I want to practice some sport that makes me naturally be in contact with the sea, the woods or whatever has more bugs and insects than an apartment in the city center. I know that at the end of the day it will be invigorating. If you have good sports tips that can be done near SP and that insert me in this context please leave your comment below.
4th | Fulfill all the projects I have for 2015. Last year I already closed some things that I still can’t tell you but that I need to accomplish this year. Some are easier and others take time and study. I hope that I can do all and many others and I want you to send good energy so that I can, because there is a good thing out there; D
5th | Next with this blog here, Danielle Noce. This is a project that started to be designed in 2014, but that I only had time to dedicate myself to now. This is going to be a site all written by me and without collaborators, so you may not always find new things here, but be sure that when you find it, I will have done everything from beginning to end. This is my newest home.
And those are my goals for this year. And yours? Which are they? Which ones can you share with me? Comment down here, that I’m doing it so we can win them all. And in 2015 I want to wish that all your dreams come true, but that you always have new dreams ahead of you so that you never get bored. One thousand kisses and may this be a very, very wonderful year!
* Comments by Paulo Cuenca on my text. Instagram @paulocuenca
PHOTO: Danielle Noce | @nocedanielle
The site goes live today and as I did not want to miss all the messages of affection you left on the provisional page of the site, I saved it and saved it here as an image for remembrance. I want to thank the support of everyone who came by and commented. Thank you!

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