My Itinerary: St. Petersburg | Russia

My Itinerary: St. Petersburg |  Russia

The first city we stopped in Russia was St. Petersburg and can I speak? Could not be better! Peter, as it is known by the locals, is a region full of life, history and a lot of good food – really! As it is our first stop in the country, it is clear that we were quite surprised by the differences and I think that also made the trip more special.
In addition to the 6 vlogs we made in the city (which are listed at the end of the post), it is clear that we also set up a complete itinerary on Maps with the stops. To access just click here ?
My Itinerary: St. Petersburg |  Russia
There were many unusual places and that is why we made the division of points by icons and colors that facilitate the visualization:
– Yellow: Restaurants, bakeries and patisseries
– Purple: Tourist spots and regions
– Wine: Metro Stations
– Orange: Markets and Emporiums
– Brown: Churches and Cathedrals
– Blue: Stores
Aah, and if you are watching the videos and want to know what were the places we went on each vlog, just look at the left sidebar. We took a video route to help you who enjoyed some of the stops!
My Itinerary: St. Petersburg |  Russia
That was just the beginning of the trip and you can expect many other amazing cities in the next vlogs! To learn more about our experience there, be sure to check out the videos below:

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