My Roadmap: New York (December / 2017)
My roadmap new york december 2017

My Roadmap: New York (December / 2017)

Yes, another New York script to count! This was the third time we went to the city recording for the channel and of course I would not fail to share all of our script with you – to access just click here ?
There were only 2 vlogs from the trip, but I guarantee you will be surprised by the amount of places we visit. Our focus was shopping, so you can already imagine the amount of stores in the itinerary, right? And unlike other times, we decided to get to know Manhattan Island more!

As we went to several specialized stores, nothing better than defining each category with a color.
1- Black: accommodation
2- Yellow: Restaurants, cafes and bars
3- Orange: Markets
4- Light blue: Complete stores (fashion, beauty, decoration, stationery…)
5 – Gray: Clothing, footwear and accessories stores
6- Wine: Technology stores
7- Purple: Bookstores, stationery and party supplies stores
8- Green: Beauty shops
9- Brown: Kitchenware and confectionery stores
10- Navy blue: Thrift Stores and Antiques

In addition to the short description at each of the points, here on the website you will find my selection of 10 must-see stores in the city, my favorite stationery stores, decoration stores, specialized in confectionery… There are really many posts about New York, in addition to the other two routes (here and here) and the full playlist on the channel!
For those who want to check out the vlogs of this special Christmas trip, just watch it down here ?

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