My Roadmap: Panama City!
My roadmap panama city

My Roadmap: Panama City!

It was less than 72 hours in Panama City, but I confess that the region surprised me! The Panamanian capital goes far beyond its famous Canal – so much so that we didn’t even visit it. There you will find cute shops, charming neighborhoods, cats scattered everywhere, lots of good food and sensational bars.
As we were on vacation, we enjoyed the days there in the way we like most: walking without a certain destination, stopping to observe the landscape, eating well … Anyway, there are plenty of positive adjectives for the place. In addition to the two vlogs that are already on the channel, I made a complete script with our stopping points over there and just click here to access ?

The categories are divided by icons and colors for easy viewing:
1- Yellow: Restaurants
2- Green: Bars
3- Blue: Stores
4- Vinho: Attractions

The site is also full of posts with tips from the city, so it’s worth taking a look before planning your trip. I highly recommend extending the airlift if you are going to another destination, because in addition to the city being cute, you can go to Kuna Yala (San Blas) – to learn more just click here ?
The vlogs of our day there are listed down here and I hope you like the tips!

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