My Script: Buenos Aires!

My Script: Buenos Aires!

The Buenos Aires vlogs are over, but you don’t need to be upset. This city so loved and visited by us, Brazilians, is really a charm and certainly worth visiting. I myself love the “old” aesthetic that takes over the city, not to mention the antiques, thrift stores, galleries and street art fairs!
As always, I came to share with you our complete itinerary of the 5 days of travel. We have many tips for restaurants, bars and cool shops to visit there and in San Antonio de Areco – a super charming little town close to the capital. To access the route on My Maps just click here.

My Script: Buenos Aires!

It seems complete

The points we pass through are separated by colors and icons that make it easy to see:
Yellow: Restaurants
Black: accommodation
Grey: Bars
Salmon: Confectioneries and cafes
Purple: Stores
Blues: Neighborhoods and regions
Green: Sights, parks and museums
Orange: Milongas
My Script: Buenos Aires!

I hope you like our suggestions for city tours and be sure to check out our vlogs there (I listed them all below). Aah, on the site you can also find several very interesting posts with tips on restaurants, hotels, neighborhoods and even where to find the best ice cream – just click here to check it out ?

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