My script: Campos do Jordão!

My script: Campos do Jordão!

No matter the season, I am one of those people who travel wherever they are in any season! The city of Campos do Jordão, for example, has already become a classic destination for those who want to enjoy the cold weather in the most delicious way possible and of course I could not fail to make a short trip there.
This time we went in a group and, in addition to spending good hours at the house resting and eating very well, we also did some very special tours around the region. As always, I made a script with talking more about all the points we went through and just click here to access ?
Icons and colors assist in visualization:

  • Amarelo – Restaurant
  • Green – Landscape
  • Blue – Farm
  • Purple – Coffee

Those who followed the vlogs saw that the house we stayed in accommodated a large group of people very well and, for those who want to find accommodation in this style, Tudo Temporada offers great options.
In addition, the most exciting ride of the entire trip could have been a disaster had it not been for the company and instruction of great guides. The trail to Pedra do Baú, despite the rewarding view, was very heavy and the guides of Altus Turismo Ecológico helped us a lot!
My script: Campos do Jordão!
To know more about what I’m talking about in this post you also need to watch the vlogs, right? Down here did I list the three videos we made while traveling?

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