My script: Paris
My script paris

My script: Paris

I saw that many of you really enjoyed the vlogs in Paris and all the tips that Paulo and I gave you! I had the idea of ​​making a super script on My Maps (I already taught you how to do it) in a different way and share with you each of the places we pass:
Just click here to see the complete map!
I put a brief description in the places we went and you can use this map to build your next tour. There are more than 90 points! To read the description and see the correct address, just click on the icon. Separated by colors for easy viewing:
blue – Stores (clothing and decoration)
Green – Gardens, Parks and Squares
Red – Attractions
Yellow – Restaurants and bars
Orange – Kitchenware stores
rose – Confectioneries and Bakeries
Another great function of My Maps is to make short routes (you can insert 10 points in each one). As I wanted to make your life easier, just select the route you want to see on the left side of the screen:
I did 10 super cool scripts! There are some tourist and essential items in a quick passage through the city, others focused on confectioneries and only one of cool kitchenware stores – which you always ask for! Just select by the name of the script and you’re done: the route appears on the map and the names of the places are already on the side.
In addition to all this, you can see some interesting place on the vlog and throw the name up there, in the search part! The points will already be selected and you can locate yourself more easily!
I hope you enjoyed the script! Use and abuse when you go to Paris!
Vlogs will also help you a lot in planning your trip ?

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