Nannarella – Lisbon

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On hot days, nothing better than an ice cream after lunch or in the evening…
One of the best places to enjoy a sorteve (or ice cream, as it is called here in Portugal) is the Nannarella Ice Cream Parlor.
A couple from Rome, who lives in Lisbon, opened an “ice cream-laboratory”, where we found only a small door, a service counter and back there the production of ice cream, which is done under the eyes of customers. When we pass by the address we always see a queue, which proves the success of ice creams.
nannarella-ice-cream-portuguese-ice cream-itinerary-gastronomical-portugal-flaviaguimaraes-ickfd3
The technique is Italian and the ingredients are all Portuguese. In addition to the more traditional flavors, such as born, Strawberry and candy, experiences are created daily that result in new and delicious combinations, such as oreo ice cream. Made by hand, the products are 100% natural, with no dyes or preservatives.
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Served with a spatula, in a glass or cone (aka cone), two flavors are usually chosen and there is also an option to put whipped cream on top.
nannarella-ice-cream-portuguese-ice cream-itinerary-gastronomical-portugal-flaviaguimaraes-ickfd5nannarella-ice-cream-portuguese-ice cream-itinerary-gastronomical-portugal-flaviaguimaraes-ickfd6
As it is in a quiet and not touristic place, it is possible to go out with the ice cream and walk around the neighborhood, sit in a garden that is right next to or in the Flower Square (near there).
nannarella-ice-cream-portuguese-ice cream-itinerary-gastronomical-portugal-flaviaguimaraes-ickfd7
All flavors are delicious! I’ve tried several from there, but as I like the most basic ones, I can say that the vanilla it’s the best I’ve ever eaten! ?
If you also love ice cream, like me, be sure to stop by: p
Rua Nova da Piedade, 68 – São Bento
Opening hours: Every day, from 12pm to 10pm.

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