Naomi Campbell’s Beauty Secret Juice?

Naomi Campbell's Beauty Secret Juice?

The supermodel Naomi Campbell has recently started to eat vegetarian and swears by juice diets. With a healthy diet, small sins are allowed.

Although Naomi Campbell (43) has been in the modeling business for almost 30 years, she can still learn new things about healthy living. The fashion diva has just changed her diet – she no longer has meat on her plate, she revealed in an interview with the fashion magazine “Harper’s Bazaar”: “I’ve just become a vegetarian and find it difficult to decide what to eat at buffets . “

In a specialist clinic, Naomi Campbell learned a lot about healthy eating and how to cleanse the body inside and out, she said. “After that I decided not to eat pork or chicken anymore, to keep my hands off unhealthy things at all,” said the British woman with Jamaican roots.

For Naomi Campbell, a typical lunch usually consists of a salad, vegetables and a source of vegetarian protein: “Seitan, for example, which tastes like meat but isn’t”. Two to three times a week, Naomi Campbell also takes a juice diet and replaces lunch with a liquid meal, she said.

In this discipline, minor sins are allowed. “When I’m out with friends, I naturally eat with them, but only something light,” said Naomi Campbell in an interview. “When it comes to restaurants, I rely on their suggestions because I’m always traveling. I don’t drink alcohol, but every now and then I treat myself to a dessert.”

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