Nazan Eckes Pretty thin!

That's how she lost her baby pounds!

Hui, but it has become narrow! On her latest Facebook photo, Nazan Eckes is pretty thin. Her fans think so too …

Bye, bye, baby pounds! Seven months after the Birth of son Lounis Khol shows moderator Nazan Eckes (38) slim and slim again. In one skin-tight evening dress the presenter presents her after-baby body and proudly posts the photo on Facebook. “Love this dress”, the Cologne-born expresses her joy about the dress. And yes, even if we admit that you do Outfit really magical is, we cannot help but also hers XXS waist and the slim silhouette perceive.

Did she go overboard with losing weight?

The fans of the beautiful presenter also see that latest photo of the German-Turkish woman with mixed feelings. “What a figurine … hammer,” admires a Nazan lady ultra slim body. Others, however, are not quite as impressed with Nazan’s new “figurine”. “But you have lost too much here”, comments a male fan. And a lady expresses quite shocked: “You are so thin!”

Nazan Eckes seems to be in her own skin, however to feel really good. So we only have one request for the beautiful new mom: Do not lose any further!

In the video: This is how Nazan Eckes lost her baby pounds

That's how she lost her baby pounds!

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