Neck as a problem area 5 surprising reasons why you have a double chin

Neck as a problem area 5 surprising reasons why you have a double chin

Every woman has her own problem areas: the stomach, thighs or buttocks. Nevertheless, many women also struggle with another: the unpleasant double chin. We’ll tell you what the cause is and why slim women are also affected.

Two hands, two feet – and a double chin: although the fat deposits under the chin are mostly associated with being overweight, slim people are also plagued by it. We’ll show you the surprising reasons for this here. We can’t blame chocolate this time.

1. Water retention

Our bodies tend to store water, which usually accumulates in the legs. However, it is also possible that the water expresses itself in the form of a double chin. For this reason, avoid consuming alcohol and very salty foods that promote storage.

2. Hormone fluctuations

Hormones can be responsible for some chaos in your body. Likewise, fluctuations in hormones can cause your face to swell, especially before your period. Pregnancy also affects your hormone levels and can create a double chin.

Chrissy Teigen

Beauty tip
That helps against a double chin

There are all sorts of fitness exercises against bacon rolls on the stomach, but what to do if you have a stubborn double chin? Good news: Even in this unusual part of the body, certain exercises can help. If you are particularly suffering, you still have to go to the cosmetic surgeon.

3. Wrong posture

The wrong posture not only affects your demeanor and body language, but also the tissue under your chin. So: keep your head up and your posture – because a round back favors the double chin!

4. Gene defect

The excessive accumulation of fat under the chin can be hereditary. Under these circumstances, the double chin is due to a genetic defect that causes the unsightly crease on the neck even in slim people.

5. Food intolerances

With various allergies and food intolerances, such as lactose intolerance, a change in diet is often unavoidable. However, there is a risk that your changed diet will unconsciously consume additives that are responsible for fat deposits on the chin.

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