Neon fever!

Neon fever!

Vibrant and flashy tones are the face of summer, and if there is a category that will stand out in this regard next season is neon! Well, a few years ago, fluorescent colors had everything; and isn’t it that they came back hard?
If you, like me, are following the latest fashion weeks in NY, London, Milan and Paris, you may have noticed that you had no tendency to Street style overcame neon!

Neon fever!

Photo: @paulinhasampaio

In addition to the classic green “highlighter” style, the shades of yellow, pink and orange also appeared a lot in fashionistas looks. How about being inspired by fluorescent productions for different occasions?


Betting on vibrant accessories or more basic colored pieces helps to make everyday productions more interesting. T-shirts, turtlenecks, midi skirts, straight dresses … Everything you use in your daily life gets a new look in neon, right?


For those who want an even more impactful look, why not invest in new compositions? In addition to mixing colors and prints, which always make the look more modern, also invest in the overlays! T-shirts and blouses that are tighter are great bets as they yield several layered productions.


Whether you like it or not, neon came with great force in Street styleand and it is clear that the sports footprint entered that same footprint. Ribbed knitwear and sweatpants are great examples of materials that work great in style sport!


In addition to being fun, fluorescent colors can also appear in more sensual looks. The famous sliding dresses, sweater-style dresses are good alternatives!
For the more daring, the versions in latex or very tight knit also bring this footprint to the production. I confess that it is not my style, but with a third piece too big on top the look gets another face ?


And whoever thought neon was just for casual looks is wrong! Pieces in tailoring, sequins and lace appeared with everything! Fluid party dresses for the day, it also has everything to do with these more citrus colors, don’t you think?
For those who want to surprise, there’s nothing better than investing in a more polished look in a flashy tone like that! The result is a modern production and, of course, super fun!


Despite being stronger in the northern hemisphere, here in Brazil it is already possible to find many options of colored pieces! I selected some of my favorites for those interested and are crazy to test the look o
Neon fever!
1- Neon Shorts in Sweatshirt at Renner – R $ 19.90
2- Linen Dri Outlet Dress at Dafiti – R $ 129.90
3- Fluted Body from Farm – R $ 119.00
4- Lolitta Belt at Shop2gether – R $ 267.90
5- Birkenstock Sandal in OQVestir – R $ 199.90
6- AMARO silk dress – R $ 489.90
7- Diesel T-shirt at Farfetch – R $ 409.00
8- Clochard Shorts with Mooring from AMARO – R $ 149.90
9- Cultivated Farm – R $ 89.00
10- Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers at Shop2gether – R $ 149.90

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