Netflix debuts Reality Show on fashion and other news of the week
Netflix debuts reality show on fashion and other news of

Netflix debuts Reality Show on fashion and other news of the week

Many new features that give that lively hot to start the week! Netflix launched a Reality Show series on fashion and I’m already dying to marathon. Rihanna sported many incredible Bottega bags and I want them all. Lots of fashion news this week and I have listed and commented a little on them here. Stay tuned, baby!

Netflix Launches Reality Show on Fashion: Next in Fashion

Photo: Holr Magazine

Run by Alexa Chung and Tan France, the Next in Fashion reality show has 18 designers competing for a $ 250,000 prize and a contract with luxury e-commerce Net-a-Porter. It’s almost a revitalized Project Runway, I’m looking forward to watching everything!

Inauguration of Casa Farm in Rio

Farm, a brand known for its wonderful and tropical prints – at least for me -, opened a new super special address last Saturday, February 1st, at Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas. Casa Farm is a building with varied attractions – it even has a Bibi cafeteria unit and an area dedicated to sustainable initiatives and encouraging conscious consumption.
The decoration is also a show apart and was designed together with the architect Marcelo Rosembaum. Lots of Brazilianness!

Photo: @rahfagundes

Bottega Veneta bags with Rihanna + brand launch

The brand has launched bags that serve as pillows and is famous for The Pouch bags, that bag style, to carry without handles. But now, the fame of the moment is with Rihanna’s posts on Instagram, with her various bags, on her aerolook!

Photo: Backgrid

And since we’re talking about Bottega, it’s worth remembering a launch from the beginning of the year! Anyone who accompanies me at Insta (@nocedanielle) knows that I’m addicted to this model and Rihanna, but the version with chains has been conquering me little by little! Do you like this heavier model?

Photo: Bolsa Blog

Adidas launches sneakers especially for Valentine’s Day

Adidas has released two versions of its classics, with very cute details for Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14 in the United States. The models that were reinvented are Stan Smith and Continental 80. It’s free to celebrate Valentine’s Day twice a year, right?

Photo: Disclosure

Carnival for everyone!

Anyone who is from São Paulo and enjoys moulting has probably heard of Pop Plus. The fair specializing in the plus size market has been happening in the city for over 7 years and now, in 2020, we will have a special edition for Carnival! Yes, next Saturday, February 8, the fair will bring together 25 brands specializing in the segment in order to help everyone assemble the looks of the blocks.
If you dress or know someone who uses a mannequin above 44/46, you can mark it and put it on the agenda! The event takes place from 12 pm to 8 pm at the Hokkaido Association, close to the Ana Rosa Metro.

Photo: @popplusbr

Lolitta winter collection inspired by Japan

It’s still hot, but you can already feel that urge to wear those beautiful winter clothes too! And now, I am in this Japan vibe, I loved the collection called Wabi Sabi. Although it looks like the name of that burnt paste, the meaning is quite different: “Wabi” is elegance and rustic, while “Sabi” refers to the beauty of age and the effect of time.
The brand, already known for its super feminine and romantic models, gains an extra touch of delicacy thanks to the prints of cherry blossoms, carp and typical landscapes of the country.

Photo: Disclosure

So, what did you think of the news of the week? Did you hear anything I didn’t put here? So comment below to let us know and exchange stickers ?

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