Neutral colors, lots of texture and volume: The second day of Paris Fashion Week 2020
Neutral colors lots of texture and volume the second day

Neutral colors, lots of texture and volume: The second day of Paris Fashion Week 2020

Paris Fashion Week arrived on its second day with many inspirations – and, of course, pieces – beautiful! The highlights were the Chanel and Givenchy fashion shows, but make no mistake: we had other brands with super different and incredible proposals!

About the looks, the colors were not used much on that second day, but they were not missed. Textures, volumes and many details appear in almost all compositions. We made a selection for those who want a lot of inspiration:

Chanel: classic cuts, neutral colors and lots of texture

With artistic direction by Virginie Viard, the Chanel fashion show took place, as always, at the Grand Palais. This time, the site was transformed into a replica of the orphanage garden where Coco Chanel arrived in 1895 and lived for six years after losing her mother. This moment in the stylist’s life served as inspiration for the creation of the brand and the entire history of Chanel.

Photo: Vogue FR

What draws the most attention in the looks is the use of classic fabrics and cuts, including shoulder pads, belts and collars just below the neck, but in many variations. Another classic point: the constant use of black, shades of gray and very white – which I love! The other colors are all pastel, highlighting textures, tulle, lace and thicker and more voluminous fabrics. As the inspiration is the garden of Coco Chanel, some flowers appear here too, but with a lot of class and boldness: overlapping layers with prints / collages with floral patterns and sequins on transparent fabrics.

+ Point I loved and was shocked: white tights in practically ALL looks; and the jump? Neither exists, low heels in all looks – comfort <3

Alexis Mabille: very white and attention to detail

Have you ever thought of using a look all white but with many different textures and cuts? This is the inspiration for the entire Alexis Mabille show. They are all white dresses with cuts, layers and refinement of many details – it is a way to exalt Parisian haute couture without using colors and make everything very sensual.

Photo: Vogue FR

The fabrics here bring out the subtle sheen of silk and satin with a touch that I think is important: VOLUME. The crepe pieces are there for that! Not to mention lace, embroidery and lots of layered transparency.

Stéphane Rolland: queen drama and sensuality

Curves are everywhere in the inspiration for this parade. The coats are inspired by the traditional Arabic cover and many compositions are extremely bulky.

Photo: Vogue FR

The word that defines this parade for me is DRAMATIC. Many unusual cuts in contrast to the lightness of the fabrics. Sensuality and monochrome fabrics, without print, without embroidery, without collage, without feather. The focus here is on modeling! Colors: black, white and a hint of brown.

+ Well Cruela! Is it just me or you too with that impression?

Alexandre Vauthier: basic looks with a lot of shine

This parade shows how individual we are, how much each of us has a mini-universe and can express it as best we want. For this reason, the collection demonstrates a set of diverse characters very different from each other: some more sensual, others casual, extravagant … The reference, as a whole, is the 80s.

Photo: Vogue FR

The ones that most call my attention are the sensual looks more adjusted to the body and with a lot of shine! Basic looks can look amazing if they have that glow! About the colors, most are dark and with a lot of impact. Some gold and white options also appear.
+ And this nothing basic suit with shine? Would you use it or not?

Julien Fournié: adventure with a lot of class

Julien Fournié brought the figure of the adventurer and proposed the return of the coolest jacket! All of this, of course, keeping the most sophisticated and classic models. The tones are earthy with some hints of shine thanks to the leather varnish, in a hunter-style style. The boldest cuts and MANY jackets with pants, dress, blouse – structured models and shoulder pads are present.

Photo: Vogue FR

The tip here is to also use some accessories to compose. The wide belts as an overlay bring a more impactful footprint to the looks of this show.

+ Here a detective footprint, I loved it!
+ I have never seen so much jacket and third piece in the summer! It must be the era of air conditioning this season!

Giorgio Armani Prive: hippie print with tailoring

The inspiration for the Armani fashion show was the Ikat print: textile pattern inspired by the traveling hippies of the 60s. This time, the brand broke the deco-glamor of the latest collections and used much more of the transparencies, prints and many variations of jackets and cardigans. . It is clear that the tailoring characteristic is still present, only now with a hint of color.

Photo: Vogue FR

Strong colors are today’s Armani bet, BOLD COLORS. Blue was chosen by Pantone as the color of the year – and Armani is aware of that, every look has a piece in this beautiful blue! The most prevalent fabrics are with a more tailoring and silk footprint, but the tip is this nostalgia for the Ikat print, in this hippie style in contrast to the formality of the fabrics and cuts. In more casual looks, tulles and lace are highlighted.

Givenchy: the inspiration of a love letter

A love letter, A love letter, in Portuguese, is the name given to the Givenchy collection. The inspiration is the memories of the stylist Clare Waight Keller when visiting the garden rooms planted by the poet Vita Sackville-West and the love letters left by her to Virginia Woolf. The stylist searched for her letters sent to Hubert de Givenchy, stylist and creator of the brand, and photographs of flowery lace and garden design, reminiscent of the brand’s and Hubert’s history.

Photo: Vogue FR

Too much volume! Glued clothes are seldom used in this show and the VERY armed textures and fabrics gain time – they are references to the texture of flowers, which resemble gardens.
+ What I liked most was the inspiration in the floral, garden through textures and volumes, even without many prints and colors.
+ The hats that serve as an umbrella are the protections for the flowers of the dresses.


Great designers use great stories as inspiration. My tip is that we do the same, get inspired by our great stories and rock the emotional look – hehe. I’m very inspired to use all these textures and volumes. Is that you?

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