Never pour away again! How to lose weight with sweet potato water

Never pour away again!  How to lose weight with sweet potato water

The sweet potato has been a trend for quite a while now. For so long that we can now find them in the vegetable displays of discount stores. Nevertheless, the tuber surprises us again and again. For example, it should help you lose weight. Not the vegetables themselves, but the cooking water!

Japanese researchers have taken sweet potato water and made an amazing discovery in the process. As reported in the science journal “Heliyon”, the boiling water has an appetite-suppressing effect.

This is the result of an experiment with two groups of mice who were given a very high-fat diet. However, one of the two groups was given sweet potato water to drink for 28 days. In the subsequent weight test, the group that was served the potato brew was convincing. Both weight and cholesterol levels were lower, and the adipose tissue of the animals was also reduced.

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Sweet potato proteins inhibit hunger

The possible explanation: The cooking water absorbs the starch of the sweet potatoes. The proteins it contains inhibit appetite. The feeling of hunger disappears and less is eaten overall.

The only problem: It is not yet entirely clear whether the sweet potato water also affects people in the same way. According to the researchers, the result should be transferable. However, further investigations are required for reliable findings.

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