New Milka campaign

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The chocolate brand Milka has always given me charisma. There are several memories that are associated with the squares, the nice packaging and the taste of this chocolate, and they range from a sunny Easter morning with the family to a “secret friend” with my high school friends. After I watched the brand’s new campaign, I can say that it won extra points in my concept.
The idea that we are drivers of tenderness is what gives life to the emotion of the video. To win chocolates in the middle of a square in Argentina, people need to hold hands and press a button on the paw of the lilac cow, symbol of the brand, and on the machine in front of it. As more people arrive, the more the cow moves away. You can already imagine the end of this story, right? I bet a Milka bar that you will be thrilled (in the case of the most sensitive – welcome to the team! – tears will flow).
milka1 milka 2
I am suspicious to speak, because I love interventions in people’s daily lives. It is important to show that the beauty of life is in the small details, in the “simple” attitudes.

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