New outdoor hype Inline skating is so effective when you want to lose weight

New outdoor hype Inline skating is so effective when you want to lose weight

Is inline skating experiencing a new boom in times of Corona? In the cities there are more and more people on inline skates. The sport outside not only ensures weight loss and fitness, it is also used for locomotion.

Historically, inline skates have not had an easy time of it. It took a long time before the single-track roller skates finally caught on. In the 1990s at the latest, the time had come: the smooth asphalt belonged to a growing number of inline skaters who made their way at record speed with pure muscle power. Skate nights, inline get-togethers, skater runs – roller-racing was booming. Millions of inline skates have been sold in Germany and are being brought out again more and more frequently today. This is particularly welcome when it comes to fitness.

Inline skating ensures quick fitness

“The advantage of skating is that, on average, athletic people can get fit within four weeks“, explains sports expert Julia Seifert to the online magazine” “. Even those who tend to be more of a runner can benefit from inline skating. Training outdoors becomes more varied and the muscles are effectively strengthened.

Also on “” a lance for inline skates is broken. In terms of fat burning, sport on rollers can easily keep up with running. In half an hour 220 calories would be burned at a moderate pace, while running there are around 180. Those who alternate sprints and slower movements in inline skating can consume 400 calories in 30 minutes.

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Skating is good for the buttocks and leg muscles

According to the experts, the muscles of the buttocks and legs are particularly strengthened when inline skating. When pushing off, the muscles on the inside of the thigh are even more stressed than when cycling. At the same time, the gliding movement would go easy on the ankles and knees, especially compared to walking. The upper body, which “has to be kept upright at all times”, also benefits and overall balance is trained.

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Well equipped for around 200 euros

One of the advantages of inline skating is that beginners quickly see success in this sport – and that with a high fun factor. According to the experts, anyone who starts doing this often stays on the ball and can therefore do something for their own fitness over the long term.

However, it is important to rely on good equipment right from the start – not only for the inline skates themselves (recommended roller size for entry approx. 80 to 84 millimeters), but also for the protectors for knees, elbows and wrists as well as the protective helmet. The total costs for a suitable set of skates, protectors and helmets add up to around 200 to 250 euros. For this investment you not only get a lot of fun and fitness, but also a completely new means of transport to quickly roll to friends or to the nearest supermarket.

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