New study does meat cause mental health problems?

New study does meat cause mental health problems?

Too much meat consumption can lead to physical illnesses such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular problems. A new study now shows that people who eat a lot of meat can also get significant psychological problems. Should we now ban Wiener schnitzel, salami pizza or sausage rolls from our menu?

An actual study of the “John Hopkins Medicine” Hospital sees one Relationship Between Processed Meat and Manic Episodes. Dr. Robert Yolken and a team carried out an extensive study to investigate the relationship between diet and mental illnessn to get to the bottom.

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Low carb recipe cauliflower pizza

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What did the study find?

1,000 subjects with and without mental disorders took part in the study. They were between 18 and 35 years old. The researchers asked them extensively about their diet, particularly about their meat consumption. The analysis found that people who eat a lot of processed meat, one have more than three times the risk of developing mental health problems.

Meat consumption is particularly high in the USA. Beef Jerky, dried meat, is very popular. Based on the results of the study, the researchers are certain that meat consumption is a possible cause of mental health problems.

What do the meat eaters suffer from?

Dr. Yolken and his team of researchers found that heavy-meat eaters at Sleep problems, hyperactivity and so-called manic episodes Suffer. People who develop mania have tantrums, are prone to frenzy, and sometimes even succumb to delusions. This condition can last for several months. It can go so far that these people have to go to a mental health facility.

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Why can eating meat make you mentally ill?

When they hear the word “meat consumption”, many only think of a schnitzel or steak that is on their plate. Processed meat also belongs to it Sausages, salami, bacon, ham and much more. Meat is added to many dishes, whether for pizza, spaghetti carbonara or coleslaw with diced bacon.

It is well known that meat from factory farming can be unhealthy, especially due to the administration of antibiotics and non-species-appropriate feeding. For processing meat is also Nitrate as a preservative buried. This changes the amount and nature of intestinal bacteria. As a result, nerve tracts in the brain also change, according to the researchers. Mental illnesses are the consequence.

Flesh, salted meat in particular, increase the risk of developing colon and stomach cancer. Scientists are also certain that Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease is more likely due to increased meat consumption. However, environmental influences and genetic predispositions could also be the causes of these diseases, according to the research team at John Hopskins University.

Should I go without meat now?

The study is of course no reason to completely forego meat from now on. However, you can think about reducing your meat consumption, because consuming too much sausage and meat has many disadvantages:

The “German Nutrition Society” recommends reducing meat consumption to once or twice a week.

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