New Year’s Eve: nothing basic looks white

New Year's Eve: nothing basic looks white

There are a lot of people who can’t abandon the tradition of white on New Year’s Eve, but who says you can’t dare? Different fabrics, embroidery, lace, shine, cuts, slits, necklines, different textures … There are dozens of options for pieces to put together a total white look that is totally your face. Want to see?



Photo 1 – Fashion Bug / Photo 2 – Maga Moura / Photo 3 – Ju Romano

Many people spend the end of the year on the beach. Nothing more indispensable than a mega comfortable and cool outfit, Loose dresses, wide open knitting gowns, little monkeys and long flowing dresses are ideas!
Not all pieces need to be white and neutral, so bet on colorful shorts or jeans. The accessories can also give a look up: a bigger necklace, several bracelets, that big earring … In the hair, opt for a simple hairstyle, I like the buns or high ponytails. In addition to refreshing, the look is more elegant.



Photo 1 – Black and killing / Photo 2 – Stupid Girls / Photo 3 – We use what

Do you think white is too basic? Nothing like that! The trends are there to help us create a much more modern and very fashion look. In addition to the detailed lengths, you can choose asymmetrical pieces, with fringes, transparencies. neckline shoulder to shoulder … If the party is more glamorous, go in heels. Now if you really want to dare, wear that famous white sneaker – it goes well with everything!

Pants: yes you can! 3reveillon-look-of-new-year-white-nothing-basic-danielle-noce-calcas

Photo 1 – Alexia Winfield / Photo 2 – Shirleys wardrobe / Photo 3 – Maga Moura

Our New Year’s Eve is very hot, but who doesn’t give up wearing pants also has great options! Leggings with very long shirts look great! As you will not have a lot of skin from outside, use and abuse the make and impactful accessories!
When the celebration is more sophisticated, how about a metallic belt to refine the silhouette? The pantaloons have everything and will not stick to the legs, it’s really fresh!
Now, if you like a more modern and stylish look, how about betting on the last look? Pants with a folded hem, short-sleeved shirt (if you have even better transparency) and many accessories. In this third look, shoes make all the difference. If you are not comfortable wearing a flip-flop, you can exchange it for a birken, flat, sneaker or even high heels!

Super Glam 4reveillon-look-of-new-year-white-nothing-basic-danielle-noce-super-glam

Photo 1 – Bambis Armoire / Photo 2 – Thassia Naves / Photo 3 – Girl with curves

I know there are a lot of people who love to wear a super glamorous look, especially if they are going to celebrate the date in a more urban location or in a more sophisticated restaurant. Income is always amazing for those occasions! Fringes and ruffles are feminine in the right measure. The shine, of course, can also be part of your composition, but nothing to exaggerate – prefer a well-crafted piece and the more basic ones!
Did you see how white is super versatile?

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