New Year’s Eve seems to use all year

New Year's Eve seems to use all year

December arrives and always beats that concern: what clothes will I wear in this new year? Whether on the beach, in the countryside or even at home, celebrate this change of cycles it is important to choose clothes that also bring this climate of renovation.
But taking “New Year, new clothes” literally does not mean to discard these pieces after the day of the celebration. Thinking about it, I separated some tips to help you wear clothes classic of New Year’s Eve at other times of the year, with proposals for looks more varied!
New Year's look


The first tip involves a pre-purchase step: reflect before choosing the pieces that will compose your look is an essential task.
In this process, you need to think about utility of clothes and how it is possible to incorporate each item in your daily life.


Besides just reflecting on the continuity of lifespan of a piece, one must keep in mind the multiple combinations that you can do with it. Parts wildcards like white shirt and pants, for example, yield a multitude of compositions ?
A hint fundamental is to combine these pieces with other items in your wardrobe and make totally different looks. This is the time to let your creativity go free combinations. So, in addition to reusing an outfit that would be specific for a celebration day, you can still increase the diversity from your closet.


New Year's look
To talk about the most used colors, we cannot forget the main one: the White! The success of the light looks is not of today in New Year’s Eve, especially when it comes to superstitions and colors meanings. In the case of white, the color symbolizes a purification of old energies and the opening of new things to come.
What has been most successful out there is the combination of more loose with blouses coladinhas. Again, thinking about the previous concepts and tips, during the turn of the year you can wear an entire look White and throughout the year, use these parts separately with more colorful.


New Year's look
The pieces metallized promise to pump in 2020 and can be a great option for the new year. The color will be present in different patterns and textures, so it is possible to find an incredible variety of options. That way, it is also much easier to choose one that matches your style!
A promising bet is the skirts and shorts metallic, which match with a white, black or even colored blouse. Anyway, there will be a composition bright and great! Another tip is to use and abuse accessories, which will add even more shine and life to your look.


New Year's look
Beside the metallic, the golden come to bring extravagance is very shine for the new year celebration. A golden look can be whole based on yellow tones bright, or contain any parts with these elements, which is a more Discreet.
The dresses, blouses and tops are great alternatives for those who want to use a wild card that has gold as a base. Use props as necklaces and bracelets are also great ways to illuminate your look.
Comment which of these Tendencies do you intend to use for last year and how do you intend to reuse these parts during the year ?

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