New Year’s Supper – Brastemp and Finish

New Year's Supper - Brastemp and Finish

Here at home being able to have both Christmas and New Year’s supper at my house is always a struggle, as there is always Paulo’s grandmother, his mother and several aunts who want us to eat at their house and not at ours. .
So being able to reunite the family here at home is like a miracle or a great achievement. This year I managed and it was wonderful, we had a perfect Christmas dinner with lots of sweets (my mother always makes a delicious Italian casserole and my mother-in-law the best passion fruit mousse in the world) and everything a supper needs (sirloin, shank, farofa , rice, salpicão and so on).
Here at home I am always responsible for the farofa, with a lot of eggs, very wet and with a special touch by Dani Noce hehehehe.
Having the whole family together and still with a beautiful nephew who has just been born is just joy, but the problem remains when washing the dishes. There are always those who disappear and two or three who dispute this arduous task, but half without wanting to do it. The good thing is that now I got a huge washing machine from Brastemp and Finish and we didn’t have this dispute here at home. In fact, everyone wanted to see how the machine worked and there were already aunts asking for a New Year gift, since Christmas had already passed, and we couldn’t wait for Christmas next year, right?
I wish you all a New Year full of love, peace, prosperity and many joys. May 2014 be absurdly BEAUTIFUL !!!
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