News 178 Hamburg daycare centers awarded for exemplary nutrition

Since the healthy and balanced nutrition of children is important, the Hamburg daycare centers have made it their business to pay special attention to food. In recognition of this, the daycare centers were awarded and received the “Fit Kid” seal of approval from the German Nutrition Society.

The award was given by the Federal Minister Ilse Aigner (CDU), who describes the efforts of the Hamburg institutions as a trend-setting model for the Federal Republic. In the daycare centers in Hamburg, the children receive a diet that relies on lots of fruit and whole grains with little fat. At the same time, the children are provided with tea and mineral water to drink. The seal of approval says that the respective daycare center offers healthy and fresh food, which is mostly prepared on site. 178 day-care centers in Hamburg were honored, in which a total of around 24,000 children are cared for. The exemplary diet protects children from diseases. It is crucial that attention is paid to the nutrient and vitamin content so that the children are optimally cared for. The Association of Hamburger Kindertagesstätten sets this as a benchmark, which is why all day-care centers belonging to it have received awards. In other daycare centers and schools, there is a lot of catching up to do in this regard so that even more children and young people can be optimally cared for.

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