News A healthy diet protects against dementia

News A healthy diet protects against dementia

A healthy diet can provide effective protection against dementia. Those who tend to eat little keep their mental fitness better than others, since a diet enables changes in the brain metabolism that prevent dementia. Italian scientists have come to this conclusion.

The low-calorie diet stimulates the protein molecule CREB1, which activates the genes responsible for longevity and good brain function. Various experiments have already been carried out on mice. If the animals were given only 70 percent of their normal amount of food, the CREB1 protein was activated. This triggered changes that protected the brain and made it age more slowly. These research results can be transferred to humans. This was the first time that an important mediator for the effect of diet on the brain was identified. The research provided important insights into why obesity and dementia are often associated. Older studies and experiments had already shown that an unhealthy diet not only harms the body, but also has negative effects on the brain. A healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet is able to slow down this process. Until now, however, it was still unknown which molecular interactions are behind the effects in detail.

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