News Cleaning brings those who don’t have exercise into gear

News Cleaning brings those who don't have exercise into gear

If you swing the broom regularly and lend a hand around the house, you are doing something good for your body. Because the exercise during housework is like a personal fitness program.

Cleaning and other household chores increase athleticism. That’s why everyone should like to grab a vacuum cleaner and mop instead of complaining about their work. At least that’s what Professor Rainer Stamminger from the University of Bonn thinks: “If you turn the tables, you don’t see housework as a burden, but use it as a personal fitness program.” There are always enough opportunities for exercise in the household. When cleaning windows, the ladder is climbed up and down again, hanging up the laundry is like a workout for the arms. Music or the television provides a special motivational aid for housework – just like in the gym. But also the attitude to the daily duties can bring about a positive change. “Those who see housework as a fitness program are much happier with it than those who see it as just a burden. Cleaning windows and ironing are extremely unpopular. Cooking food or gardening are much more popular, ”explains Stamminger. His colleague Professor Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the Sport University in Cologne agrees with Stamminger. “The worst part is inactivity,” he says of the laziness of many people. Cleaning can counteract this. “Our billions of body cells do not care what kind of movement we make, the main thing is that we are moving, also in the household. That helps to stimulate the metabolism in order to stay healthy, ”says Froböse. A spring cleaning is an excellent way to burn calories and improve your fitness. And unlike in the gym, you can not only feel the exertion on your own body at the end – you can also see the result in your home.

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