News Diet alone will not help you lose weight

News Diet alone will not help you lose weight

If overweight people want to lose weight, a mere diet is not enough to permanently reduce the weight. One study comes to the conclusion that physical activity behavior must also be changed for long-term success.

The German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI) recently published a report for which various diets had been examined more closely. As it turned out, all of the diets investigated led to diet success. Even if the best results could be achieved in the short term by reducing carbohydrates, a low-fat diet was more effective in the long run. Losing weight with this method worked best if the fat percentage was gradually reduced. According to the experts, so-called formula diets, in which meals are replaced by shakes or nutrient mixtures, were apparently less favorable for weight loss, as was the tested vegan diet in which no animal products are consumed. According to the report’s authors, the fact that many overweight people cannot maintain their diet success in the long term is because they are falling back into old patterns. In particular, the lack of exercise in everyday life, passive leisure activities and the consumption of fast food prevent permanent weight loss. In order to lose weight, it is therefore important not only to change your diet, but also to change your lifestyle. According to the experts, in addition to those affected, health policy must also be active.

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