News Exercise burns more calories than sex

News Exercise burns more calories than sex

Canadian researchers have found that exercise burns more calories than sex. According to the current study, the difference is even relatively clear – also in relation to the sexes.

Scientists from the University of Québec found in their research that an average of 276 calories are burned during a half-hour run. That corresponds to 9.2 calories per minute. In women, the calorie consumption was slightly lower at 213 calorie units. During the 25-minute sex, the male subjects only got 101 calories, i.e. 4.2 calories per minute. Women burned only 69 units in the most beautiful minor matter in the world.

The experts from Montreal, Canada examined 21 heterosexual test persons who were equipped with a measuring device after a moderately fast and 30-minute endurance run. The act of love followed later. However, this was completed at each participant’s home. The test subjects would feel more comfortable there.
However, the researchers do not have an explanation for the fact that women – whether during sport or sex – use less energy. They suspect that the higher energy consumption in men is related to their usually higher weight.

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