News Fitness on the console: sport for gamers

News Fitness on the console: sport for gamers

What Jane Fonda videos were in the 80s are now sports games on consoles: the possibility of training in your own four walls. Experts are not critical of the trend, but point out some disadvantages.

For pretty much all consoles today there are fitness and sports games that work by means of motion control. The exercises are well designed and the games enable independent training, says Professor Klaus Völker, head of the Institute for Sports Medicine at the University of Münster: “For many, it is an advantage to be able to do the training privately and not in public in the gym at any time. If the exercises are done regularly, they can definitely have a positive effect. ”Völker does not have any concerns that some of the exercises could be dangerous. “I have never seen any extreme or dangerous exercises in such fitness games.” His concerns go in a different direction: Since the games cannot be individualized, individual users may be under-challenged and others overwhelmed. In addition, motivation often decreases after the initial enthusiasm. However, this applies to visits to the fitness center as well as to sports on the console.

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